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Sunday, January 28, 2007

We Got New Furniture Yesterday!!

We have been in need of a new computer desk, and an entertainment center. With our tax money, we've been looking to get new stuff.
Well, yesterday we found the nicest furniture!! It's solid pine, and hand waxed. Sooooo pretty. It was at Walmart, so we jumped on it. I loved the one armoire so much, and it's multifunctional, so I just bought 2 of them, LOL, one for the TV and one for the computer. Plus, we got a cool cabinet bookshelf that matches.

It's not up yet, and the living room looks so funny. I gave our other furniture away, so we'd have room to put this stuff together....SO.... the computer is on a tray, and the TV is on the FLOOR. ROTFL!! I'm so excited to have the new stuff though. I'll take pictures after it's all set up. We might be getting a new TV, and DVD player too, so I'm happy about that too!


Happymama said...

Wow, sounds like y'all are busy shoppers! How fun!


Shari said...

I've been trying to get the living room back in order, so I can take pictures. lol. we got a TV and VCR/DVD last night too. All our tax refunds are totally well spent. LOL