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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Starting Over... Sort Of

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Up until this week, I just would grab Frappie and pick her up whenever I felt like it. We've also just been chasing her around when it was time to go back in her cage at night. I got to worrying that she was getting scared of us. I've been watching her, and she's not scared, LOL, she's just being stubborn.
I love holding her and petting her. When she was in my lap, she seemed fine, and would sit and let me pet her, and hop around my lap. I watched her the other night, when I was trying to get her back in her cage, and I could tell she wasn't scared, she just didn't want to go back in her cage, and she knew that was what I was trying to do. LOL.
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I'm changing my tactic though, because I noticed that she is a little leery of my hands, and I definitely want her to let me pet her, and pick her up. I'm working on hanging out in her room, laying down so she can get more used to me. I'm working on getting her more used to my hands too. I've been laying on my back, and she'll hop around me, and hop up on me too. Today, she's been letting me pet her, and not running away.
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I also want to work on luring her back to her cage, instead of actually chasing her. I've been reading other sites, and have some ideas now. She's nosey, and usually comes to the cage, when I'm messing around with it, so I'm just going to do that when I want her to come back to her cage. I'm also going to make sure to shake my treat container, and put a treat in there, so she can associate that sound with the treat.

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