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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Started a New Blog (all about Frappie, lol.)

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I realized I had so much to show about Frappie, I decided to just put it in another blog just for her. LOL.

I copied the posts from here, so it could start from the beginning of my getting her.

We had such a nice day yesterday. Jeffie took us out, and I went to the pet shop, and we went to the mall. Gabey was awesome, and we just kept talking about how nice a time we were having. I just love the days we can spend with Jeffie. I got some cool stuff for Frappie at the pet shop, and Gabey tried to get a hamster car, but alas, we don't have a hamster, so we had to let the cashier take it away. He was fine though, I almost had the lady give him a dog bone to distract the fact that we weren't buying the car, but he didn't fuss at all, so I didn't have to. LOL. At the mall, I was able to use a gift card, and I bought a nice perfume from Bath and Body Works, called Gardenia. It smells so sweet and fresh. I love it. We had Taco Bell at the food court, which is my favorite fast food. Jeff bought his one Game guide for a game he got for Christmas, and tried in vain to play, but Gabey skipped his nap, and then wouldn't sleep well last night. I bet he was just so excited.

I just am praying for the day he makes regular and can have a 40 hour week once in a while. Especially, I'd like him to have a day off during the week. That would be such a blessing. Pray for him, he put in a request for transfer to the office in a nice part of the West Side, and we're just praying that he makes it over there. He would have to start all over again with his Part Time Flex time, but being at a better office would be worth it.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo, today, it's snowing...finally, LOL. We've had the weirdest winter. It's been all rain, and it's mid January. Wild. Everyone is sick that I know. I'm actually glad for the drop in tempurature, so that the germs can be wiped out, finally.


Happymama said...

I enjoy those wonderful days when Bruce is off too. It's nice to have them home and just be a family together.

I wish we would get some snow. Someone at church mentioned we were going to get some in a week or so, but I won't believe it til we see it! :)


Shari said...

we definitely got a lot, but it's sunny and clear today. the first sunny day in months, it seems.
i'll mail you some of my snow. :)