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Friday, April 29, 2011

I know my Heart

feel so muddled by all the media junk flying around. it's hard to trust anyone anymore. most "news" is either slanted toward or against some view, and not many neutral sources anymore. instead of just stating facts like news should do... news is now putting in adjectives and and ideas that i can see are being used to bring out a certain emotion or idea into our minds (for or against whatever that specific article is planning).

conservative or liberal, birther or non birther, pro life or pro choice, pro Christian or pro anything else, tolerance or intolerance, news or gossip, truth or conspiracy theory....

it's all too much.

Hype should not be dragging us around in the form of news. I have decided to guard myself from the whims of media, and trust my heart.

i know my heart, and i know what i believe... at it's core...

i believe that human life is worth saving...

i believe in honesty, and am painfully honest (like a truth syrum sometimes, actually.)

i believe that anyone can change, everyone needs forgiveness, because no one is perfect, we're all just trying to live....

i believe that no one should be hated, but that actions can be hated, and that people should help teach about actions that they feel are wrong or hurtful to others...

i believe in morality...

i believe that people should try to be the best humans they can be, and treat others like they want to be treated...

i believe in showing kindness..

i believe in listening with an open (but guarded) mind. i will hear other views, but it will be through much soul searching whether i will let it change me.

i believe that i have a lot to learn, that i have in no means "made it" i am an impulsive, emotional human, and constantly disappointed in myself. but i am working on it.

i judge myself every day, and work to improve. i believe that it's every human's job to do the same.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tribute to Kristin- Truly a Vessel unto Honor

Our sweet friend, Kristin, has been given maybe a few more days to weeks to live. Mike, her husband thinks it will be very soon. The cancer has just been so aggressive that after the radiation, chemo just wasn't an option. I am thankful to have known her, and am blessed by her wonderful Christian testimony.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Listing for Clip on Hair Wraps

My Etsy shop is featuring Clip on Hair Wraps. They look so great in all different lengths, and colors. I do custom colors and lengths. They're only $4.00, and then $1.00 to ship in the US.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

My New Dog Cassie

i've had Cassie only for a few days, but i really do feel the Lord helped me get her.

I've never been a dog person. have always felt like i had to wash my hands after petting any dog i came in contact with. when i got married, my hubbie loves dogs, but is sooo allergic, he kept teasing me that we needed a dog and i kept refusing. well, he didn't mean to, but he really put the idea in my head. ha ha.

i got a chance to adopt a little yorkie... didn't work out. my boys are rough, and he didn't like my hubbie... rehomed him.
a few years later, i found a cute little yorkiepoo... just adorable... yet again.. obsessed with me... horrible to house train. and not fond of the rest of the family... rehomed him too.
said i wouldnt ever get another dog.
but this spring, i've been thinking of smokey sooo much, and missing him. so i sat long and hard thinking about what i didn't like about him, and what i did like.
so, i decided to search for other dogs on craigslist and pet finder. was looking for a girl, that was already house trained, and had poodle type... or non shedding hair. i knew if i went and pet any dog, and they felt oily or sheddy, i wouldn't want them.

so (hopefully this story isn't running too long. lol.) i found one dog that was a beagle poodle... and she was free etc etc. but i just didn't have a good feeling about meeting her. the photo i saw made me feel like she'd be a shy, needy dog, looked a bit neglected. ... decided no.

then i got the photo from another craigslister i was in contact with of Cassie, and i just thought she would be so cute. we went to meet her, and i adored her! but most importantly it was like she had already been trained for our family... the owner had a 2 year old, and a 9 year old. so Cassie was used to the kids, and took all their play in stride! when i saw that i was soo impressed. not to mention how velvety soft she was, and how social.

the owner was wonderful, and honest, and answered every random question i sent her (for a week! ha ha), and it turns out she worked at the same girl scout camp i did. not the same year, but it helped us bond.

later i sent an email to her just asking if she'd consider a different adoption fee, and she wrote back saying that she had written an email the night before, offering that exact price, but was afraid i'd think she was desperate to get rid of Cassie if she sent it!

then, i was able to sell some stuff on etsy and craigslist to equal her adoption fee, and her food and collar etc. so i didn't have to feel like i was taking money out of the budget just to get her.

so within a few weeks, all of this just seemed to unfold to give me this beautiful sweet, well behaved dog. i am in love, and i realize that i am not a dog person... i am a cockapoo person! HAHA!