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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Crib is Finally Gone.

we took down the crib for good last night.
we laid him down, and he was crying, so pitifully at first, but we sat with him for about a half hour, and just kept on it that he had to stay in bed. he was really good, he'd start crying every few minutes and say "i can't get up, I can't walk"
but he calmed down. (i really think that getting stuck under it last year really affected him badly, and he's got such a good memory)

we left after a half hour, and he stayed there all night. i didn't sleep well, lol. i spent the whole night listening to the monitor for him. he turned on the crib aquarium a few times. i think he just rolled on them in his sleep.

he was so cute in the morning, he just trotted out, and was about to go down the hall, but i called him and he came right into our room, and was just fine and chipper. i'm so thankful!!

i don't know how it will go tonight. he's not taking his nap right now, he just came back out after about 15 minutes, lol. but i'm not going to make a big deal out of naps for now. we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

my beautiful neice

my neice, jessi, is 18 now, and tonight is her senior prom.she's done with school, and will be going to community college in the fall.
she has just grown into the sweetest, most wonderful young adult. she has stuck with the same job at McDonalds for like 3 years. she has been in the marching band since being let in early her freshman year, and has a steady boyfriend of, i think, 3 years.
i am just so proud of her.
my sister put tips on jessi this morning, so i was blessed to be able to see her the day of her prom. and the sweetheart brought us breakfast!

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More word fun

last night, jeff and i were talking about how McDonald's has Builda Bear toys...
this morning, gabey woke up calling them..."Pound a Bear" ROTFL! Do you think that would be a good shop to open up?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

big day at the zoo

i got to go to the zoo with my friend, kara, and our other friend, geneva, and all the kids. we had such a nice time, and it was a fantastic day out.
gabey laughed like crazy at the monkey jumping around. the monkey liked his little thomas the tank toy, and kept coming up and looking at it.
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not a lawn expert by any means. lol.

sooo, the neighbor to my left has a dog that likes to dig under my oooold rusty fence and bend the bottom all out of shape.... (i love my neighbor, and his dog is a real sweetie, it's my fence that's the real problem)
well, the other day, i decided to try to make that side look a little better, because it's just weeds, and ugly, so i dug out the weeds and laid cinder blocks and bricks down for now between the fence and driveway... i took the dirt from there and filled in a huge hole farther down the fence.
soooo, the neighbor had to put a little fence to cover the place, because i didn't have the weeds covering the bottom anymore,
aaaand, he said that i had filled in what was supposed to be a drainage ditch. i asked him if he was sure and asked him about another hole with bricks over it farther down from that, and he said he was suuuure....
i dug... and dug... and found only dirt, so i went and moved the bricks that were farther down, and.... oh look, a pipe!
so i just want to hire a maintenence crew to come and overhaul my yard so i don't have to keep redoing everything. lol. i'm such a newbie.

Monday, May 15, 2006

big change

i haven't said anything to anyone until now, really, because we wanted to talk to John at Northcoast first, but we've decided to start going back to Cleveland Baptist church.
we just adore the people at northcoast, and will miss seeing them every week, but it's been on our heart for a while now, that our home is still CBC, and we need to be serving there. i am just so glad we had the opportunity to help start a baby church, it's been exciting, and encouraging. we expect to see great things from that church, and will always cherish the friendships we have with the people there.

i am so excited to be going back to CBC, i miss my kindergarten sunday school, and can't wait to start working there again. i will probably hold off on getting into the choir for a few weeks, but that is something i need to start up again too. It will be such a comfort to be home again.

our first service back will be wednesday, we went to northcoast last night, they had cake for sandy's birthday, and we spent some time chatting and saying our goodbyes.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

for a little minutes?

i told gabey, you have 3 minutes and then it's nap time, and he got close to my face, and cooed, "i have to wake up for a little minutes?"

garden obsession

my friend said it would be best to wait til labor day to start planting, and i'm waiting patiently....

but i can't stop thinking about it! lol. i'm working out what to plant, what to transplant, where to do it all. what to buy.

sooooo much fun! i love this new hobby!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i have to write this down before i forget it. lol.

gabey came up to me and said...."you poopin?" (he says you for "I")
and i said "would you like a diadee change?"
and i was so surprised when he answered..."oh YEAH, that would be Great!"
what a goofball....

side note, if he had really pooped, he definitely wouldn't have had that response, he is starting to notice when his diadee is full though, so that's a step in the right direction.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gerber Meat Sticks and the Ant Farm

So, i mopped the house yesterday, doing the wood floors. Not hard, but i thought it was an accomplishment, seeing my housekeeping skills (and ambition) are nill.

After Gabey's nap, I gave him some Gerber meat sticks to munch on, and left him to them while i did some laundry. I came into the spare room to find the meat sticks squished all over the floor, and him in the middle of it, and ANTS already starting to gather! I wiped them up and wiped up the rest of the meat sticks, and left.

A few minutes later, he came in with one of my old play books, and put it on the couch, and started cooing..."it's a crabbie!" For a second, i thought he was talking about a logo on the cover or something, but then realized he was talking about the ant happilly wandering all over the book. More cleanup! I decided to mop the room again, just to try to get the meat stick trail covered up from the explorer ants. I'm going to the store today, I'm going to have to stock up on pest control, seeing the baby likes leaving bait all over the house.