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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Great weekend, family, friends, basketball,... packing, lol.

Well, the weekend was mostly spent at home. Sunday had a nice change though. Chrissy asked us to lunch. She had our nephew, Andrew, sleeping over, so we met them at CBC, and headed to Steak and Shake. Bobby met us there! I was very glad to see him join us. He is doing well, getting his life in order, after the separation, and with the upcoming divorce. He found a nice apartment, and is moving out of the house this weekend. Sunday night, after church, Jeff, Gabey and I had our first, popcorn/movie night. lol. Gabey tried his first real popcorn. We watched 101 Dalmations, and he was mesmorized.
Yesterday, I packed some more of the basement, and hung around the house with Gabey. Winters are so depressing in Cleveland.
Last night, was the best! For Jeff's birthday, he got some tickets to the Cavs game against the Pistons. It was a wonderful gift from Ken. Chrissy came over and watched Gabey, and Jeff and I went to the game and had a really fun time. It stunk that the only players that were actually working were James, and Ilgouskas (sp). The rest of the team were totally lazy and made hardly any of their shots. It was a great game though, with a back and forth point war. We did lose though, and Jeff had to come home and play the NBA video game to beat the Pistons himself. lol.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Wonderful impromptu lunch with Angi

I had my physical therapy today, and I'll be doing that for another 4 or so weeks. She gave me some exercises to do to strengthen some of the muscles in my back and stuff to help support my shoulder joint better. In addition to these exercises, I really have to discipline myself to limit my computer time, and video game time. I think that's contributing to the shoulder tenseness and pain, wah. Mommy, do I have to?
Gabey and I were at Walmart, and we ended up in line one person behind my good friend, Angi, (subliminal addition here- go visit and we went to McDonald for lunch and some great chat. Gabey had an awesome time with Angi's girls, Aryanna, and Justine. I was so happy that we got to hang out, what nice surprise.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wrong is Wrong

My brother Joe, had this link on his blog, and I am so thankful to have been able to read it. I am linking it here, so you can read it. I haven't been able to read the entire article, but I bookmarked it, so I could read the rest.
i truly believe that abortion is wrong on all levels. i can't possibly, as a woman who has carried a child, agree with anyone taking the life of a beautiful miracle that God has put in their care. Could anyone argue that if a child was left on my doorstep, I had the right to let it die, just because it was on my property? Could anyone argue that if I wanted to let my two year old die because he hindered my freedom as a woman, I would have that right? Why is it that the minute (no, not even the minute anymore) a baby is out of a woman's body they have their own rights, but not before? That's shameful. Everyone jumps on the minute cases of "what if", but we're letting the rest of the people slide by with MURDER on those little what if's. We're allowing ourselves to be led by the media, and pro-ANYTHING, and not by GOD HIMSELF.
Mark 10:14b"Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God."
Matthew 18:5-6 "and whoso shall receive one such little child in My name receiveth me. but whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea......10. Take heed, that ye despise not one of these little ones, for I say unto you. That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven."
Wrong is wrong. Abortion is wrong.
I took a sociology class, and an ethics class in college, and it bugged me so much that the Professors would teach the "oh well, this is justifiable under this or that circumstance". No, sin is sin, sometimes people do sin unknowingly, sometimes they do sin because they think they have to, or don't see any other way out, but it's still sin. God doesn't say, well, you stole x because you had to, it's not sin. God is just, and calls it sin no matter what the motive or situation. God is merciful, and will forgive sin, but we have to realize that it is sin, and turn to God for forgiveness.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Broke down in a Giant Eagle parking lot.

ok, this was us last night, sitting in the giant eagle parking lot, BROKE DOWN, lol. Jeff went into the store, and left the car part way on, I thought it was all the way on, the lights were on and stuff. I think he thought it would keep the heater on. Well, the battery died, and we couldn't get the to start. Luckilly, my dad in law was way cool, and came up and gave us a jump. I'm going to get the battery charger/tire pump, i saw in Fingerhut, so that doesn't happen again, lol.
Thank you, JoeDad!! :):)

new Bible

I had a really nice Bible for a few years, i was so proud of it, my sister got it for me for me, and had my name engraved. well, something happened, and it got all wet, and the pages were ruined and stuck together. i was so upset. so, my sister got me another Bible last year for my birthday, and for some reason the binding started going bad, and the pages were coming out. i stopped using that one, and was using my realllllly old one from highschool, which i've covered in packing tape, lol. i was starting to get really embarrassed. so i finally bought a new one. this one has a zipper, so the pages will be protected, and a pretty little tote to carry it in. hopefully this one will last a few years, lol.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bubble Wrap Baby

I'm using tons of bubble wrap to protect the figurines i sold on ebay, and gabey got to the bag, and pulled it all out. he started playing in it, and squiggling around, and jumping on them. I got video and some pictures, he looks so cute. his hair is sticking up from the static. he laid on the pile and pretended to sleep on his "bubble bed".

president's day

it's been a lazy day so far. :) i didn't feel well last night, so i went to bed early and jeff took care of the baby, bless him. i woke up early and felt a lot better, so i went online to check some stuff out on ebay. i have some stuff up for sale... paulnsilas.... plugplug, lol. i finally got to sell the rest of the precious moments figurines, my friend gave me like 2 years ago. it's been way too long, and so i'm glad to finally be finished, and able to give her the rest of the money. they went for way less than they were worth, i'm sure, but that's the way with ebay, it's a huge gamble every time. but where else can a normal person sell stuff, you know? so far, ebay has been really good to me, i've been selling some of my packrat posessions. i can't believe how much useless STUFF i own! lol. so, i'm selling it off, and using the money to get some furniture we want for the house, lol.

i actually cooked again! can you believe it? i'm turning into quite a little homemaker, lol. NOT. if you saw my laundry pile, you'd know me. well, i made sunnyside up eggs, toast and sausage links for our breakfast. jeff got to sleep in for the first time in weeks. it's hard for him, because he works 6 days and then we have church on sunday. it's great when he gets to sleep in.

i'm going to be going to physical therapy this friday. i got my shoulder x-rayed and the joint is widening up by the collarbone. i'm not looking forward to the physical therapy, it's so painful just doing the normal everyday things (hence the laundry pile, lol). i can only imagine how i'm going to feel after the appointment. well, at least we've figured out what's wrong with it, and it's not just in my head.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Love all year

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I'm thankful to have the love of family and friends, and my wonderful Father all year long. I don't ever want to take this love for granted. I have both my parents, my step parents, and parent's in law living close by. I have the best sister anyone could ask for. She's my best friend, and has been my closest friend for years. I have an attentive husband, and a cuddly, loveable toddler right in my home to love and be loved by every day. What a blessed life I lead. I have the Holy Spirit in my heart to comfort me, and help me with the decisions of everyday life. I have Him to help me talk to God, and tell Him what I really mean to say. I have Jesus as my Savior, and friend. What more could I possibly need?

Our Valentine's Day was actually more like 3 days, lol. On sunday we went to the mall and looked at presents we wanted to get eachother, and ate at the food court. Monday, Gabey got to hang out with Chrissy, while Jeff and I ate at Red Lobster and bought eachother our gifts. I got him a game and he got me earrings. Tuesday, I went up and surprised Chrissy with a balloon and teddy bear, and Gabey and I took her to Boston Market for lunch. After that, I got stuff to make for dinner, and headed home. Jeff came home with a HUGE balloon and potted daisy plant for me (he knows i'd rather have a plant i can grow, and cut flowers that will die in a week). I made fettucini alfredo with asparagus, and homemade chocolate covered strawberries. It was a normal evening, but we had some gooood food. Jeff usually comes home really late on tuesdays, so we decided not to plan anything big.