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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh Baby, Hello Kitty!

I was browsing a site my mom suggested, and learned that there is a Hello Kitty themed maternity ward in Taiwan!! How totally cool!

"The 30-bed Hau Sheng Hospital in Yuanlin in central Taiwan claims to be the only institution of its kind authorized by the popular cartoon cat's parent company Sanrio Co Ltd.
Newborns get everything Hello Kitty but a set of whiskers, including pink or blue receiving blankets, nurses dressed in pink uniforms with cat-themed aprons, cot linen and room decor."

hello kitty maternity ward

happy hello kitty mom

babies at hello kitty ward

hello kity ward in taiwan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Link to a Fun Rendition of "White Christmas"

Got this in an email. very cute. It's a little cartoon rendition of the awesome song...
"White Christmas"

Christmas Poem with a little bite to it.

*Twas the month before Christmas*

*When all through our land,*

*Not a Christian was praying*

*Nor taking a stand.*

*See the PC Police had taken away,*

*The reason for Christmas - no one could say.*

*The children were told by their schools not to sing,*

*About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.*

*It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say*

* December 25th is just a ' Holiday '.*

*Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit*

*Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!*

*CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod*

*Something was changing, something quite odd! *

*Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa*

*In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.*

*As Targets were hanging their trees upside down*

* At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.*

*At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears*

*You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.*

*Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty*

*Are words that were used to intimidate me.*

*Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen*

*On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton !*

*At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter*

*To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.*

*And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith*

* Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace*

*The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded*

*The reason for the season, stopped before it started.*

*So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'*

*Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.*

*Choose your words carefully, choose what you say*


not Happy Holiday !*

Monday, November 24, 2008

You can see the toll sin has taken... in their eyes.

I just browsed this article about 10 stars who've "lost their dreamboat status".

The main ones were Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson .... and even before I read the articles, I could see it in their eyes that they were GONE.
Tom's eyes are crazy now, I was shocked when I saw the picture... and wasn't surprised that his eyes were the exact topic of his article.

But it's not just his... you can see a lot of the eyes have changed... you can see the toll sin has taken on them. alchoholism... tax evasion... pride on a patheticly elevated level etc.

We make these actors our gods, and worship them, and throw offerings at them... and they're just human, and THEY FAIL. No one can have that much freedom and stay on course for long. I read Michael J Fox's book a few years ago, and I've never forgotten how he talked about actors being sooo spoiled... no traffic tickets, any kind of products they'd like for free, being able to "use", and being protected and coddled through all of their bad behavior. He was confessing it as his own struggle, but it applies to most of the actors in hollywood. And we allow it, and praise them, because they're good at pretending in front of a camera. We need to get actors off the pedestals they're on, and give them the same rules we have to live by, the same consequences for all the little things... not just wait til they're insane to say.."hey, you're not living right".

It's just sad. Our kids look up to these people. The most obnoxious actors are now doing voices for our kid's movie cartoons! Why?? Why on earth do SNL comedians have to become children's movie stars? Oh, that's a whole 'nother vent. I won't go into it all now. Our poor kids.

We all have problems, I'm not just pinpointing actors or picking on them. We all need to examine our own lives, and make our peace with Jesus our Savior. Only He can truly straighten us out, and help us through every struggle we have in this sin-sick world.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Charlie's in a new home

I put the pets up on Craigslist, there were quite a few reasons for giving them up, money, stress, etc.

Someone adopted Charlie last night. I'm glad. The guy seemed really nice, and owns another Yorkie, so he knows about the breed already.

A nice lady is coming to get Frappie this weekend. She owns 2 other lionheads and spoils them, so I know Frappie will do well with her.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Selling some household items on Craigslist

I'm listing a few things on craigslist cleveland....
if you live in the area. Just plug in the item number in the SEARCH box, and it will take you right to my sale.

904479366 Misc. Videos For Sale
904474662 Laptop Bag- great condition, black and silver
904471893 Slider Happy Birthday Wooden Puzzle in Canister unopened
904467288 hajer 6000BTU window air conditioner
904460447 Soap Opera Days of Our Lives book and Guiding Light card game
904446796 Ladies or Junior size 14 and L clothes... price varies
904436881 MegaSaucer and Umbrella Stroller
904335624 Thoroughbred series books by Joanna Campbell --- 5 books
904334319 The Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant- 9 books
904332859 American Girl Short Stories- 6 books- HARDBOUND
904283839 Infantino sling, and Snuggli for sale
895328014 Corell Ivy Coffee Cups, and Saucers 8 piece set
894227889 AAA Explore America Hardbound book
894225950 Bob the Builder Vibrating, Talking Toy
894221813 Handmade Coat Rack- Alphabet
894216978 Lighted Makeup Mirror
894194165 Broil King Ultra Large Griddle
894164701 China Cabinet and Buffet Hutch

Friday, November 07, 2008

One Fall Afternoon

we went for a walk around the block the other day, and it was just amazing how each tree had a different pattern. so beautiful!
Thank you Lord, for your amazing creation.

Human Being on Life Support

An unborn baby is a human being on life support.

if u would like to help

We used so many credit cards, and stuff for last year, being with Gabey in the hospital, and medicine and stuff. Those haven't been kind.

Also, the medical bills from Fairview and Cleveland Clinic have just kept building, and a lot of them are in collections now.I know I haven't asked recently, but if anyone wants to donate to our paypal... at the donation button on the side of Gabey's blog....
we would be so grateful.

God is good, and we will plug away.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A personal writing from a man I respect deeply

"Please excuse me if I don't feel like smiling at this point and assuring everyone that all is well -- God is in control -- the sun still comes up after the election loss, and numerous other well-meaning, but to me at least, inappropriate platitudes. Understand that I realize the truths contained above, but all is NOT well with America. I am convinced that our beloved nation has been changed forever -- not just because a liberal Democrat has defeated a less-than-exciting moderate Republican, but our America is being sucked into the quicksand of immoral socialism. With some forty percent of Americans already dependant upon the US government by receiving government assistance in a variety of ways while paying no federal taxes, the strain on the tax-paying class comes ever closer to becoming intolerable. Capable people who learn to become totally government-dependant and then teach their children and grandchildren to do the same, will NEVER wish to become productive again. You can write that in stone. When a nation has more people on the receiving end than those on the producing end the system implodes. We are already perilously close to that point. That's the sucking sound you hear.

Mr. Obama has promised to nominate Supreme Court justices which agree with his pro-abortion bias. He has received much support from the nation's number one abortionist, Planned Parenthood. I'm sure he will return the favor. He has also promised to install the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act), which had been beaten back several time by pro-life Republicans in recent years. This radical FOCA law will strike down all existing reasonable restrictions on abortion such as parental notification and parental consent for the minor girl who wants an abortion -- 24 hour waiting periods in which a girl/woman must be given scientifically-accurate information about the human life within her and then is required to wait 24 hours to think about it -- restrictions like abortions paid for by tax dollars, etc. The result will be that all hard-fought pro-life laws will be struck down and the number of abortions will mushroom. If we were compelled to witness just one abortion and the resultant destruction to an otherwise beautiful human baby we would all be in tears, and many would faint at the horror. The election of Mr. Obama has guaranteed the deaths of additional multiplied millions of American babies. Further, pro-life American Presidents have refused to allow liberal members of Congress to send large financial grants to nations around the world for abortions (again, funded with our tax money).

Ever since Cain killed Able God has punished the shedding of innocent blood. The Bible tells us God hates it. Reading through the Scriptures you will see numerous instances when God sends His righteous judgment upon a nation guilty of this sin. Nevertheless, America, this week, has chosen to pronounce open season on the unborn. For what they hope will be better financial times they have made their choice to sacrifice the lives of others. Mr. Obama has also said he supports homosexual couples adopting children. Reading the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations you will see the unspeakable horrors associated with the judgments of God, with mothers cooking their children to stave off starvation. While it is true that God was still in control during those grievous times I doubt that desperate Israelites found much consolation in being reminded of His control, or that the sun still came up, etc. etc.

The Bible reminds us in Ecclesiastes, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:... A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance..." Dear friends, this, in my heart, is a time to weep and mourn for America. To admonish someone for being broken at this time is, it seems to me, as inappropriate as to tell a grieving woman who has just lost her husband to "cheer up, the sun still comes up, and God is still in control."

Jim Jones "
(a member of Cleveland Baptist, and a kind hearted Christian man)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What kind of SICK person thought up partial birth abortions!!!!!????

I can't even put the picture here, right to life has actual medical drawings of the partial birth abortion procedure!! I'm crying! What, because you don't pull his HEAD out, you can kill him and it's OK???

I am ABSOLUTELY AGAINST any form of abortion, and will be voting for pro life candidates. I DO not understand how people can care more about the PETA, and things like that, and NOT care about humans. We have digressed so far, we value animal life which has no soul MORE than human life. And don't get me started on how we value MONEY more than anything else in life.

AND what is the argument for partial birth abortions? oh, he's not a human until i pull his head all the way out?? WHAT in the name of all that's moral and right can be the justification of that?? They started out justifying abortion because they made the excuse that life doesn't start at conception, it starts at birth, but HOW can they argue that anymore? Premature infants are surviving, and flourishing, under Dr's care. Why is this even having to be discussed? What kind of people are we?

We are sacrificing our babies, just like the heathens of old, but not to a god we think of as a god... we sacrifice babies now to the god of convenience, to the god of immorality, and selfishness.

I am DONE!! I can't type anymore. I am sick, my heart is GRIEVING!

Lazy Bunny

I laughed so hard when I saw Frappie laying like this!



Saturday, November 01, 2008

Giddy my Love


i feel so badly, but i guess most moms skip out on chronicling their second baby's milestones, and stuff.i've taken tons of pics, but i didn't get to update my calendar with the cool things he's done.

he turned 1 on the 15th (oct)he's 20 lbs. and so solid. i don't know how tall he is.
he's got 3 bottom teeth, his fangs and one front tooth, with the other on it's way.

he's been walking since 10 months.... now, he climbs, and does a goofy trot.
he is really good with his hands, and can color a little, he holds his bottle, and helps change his shirt, and knows how to play with gabey's toys.
he's so smart, i'm so amazed at him. he'll show me what he wants, and guide my hands. he'll go pound on his door if he's poopy, or wants a nap. he just started doing that. i love it.

he isn't extremely verbal (except for screaming, lol), but he says mama dada baba and uses w y and others in his babble. he grunts for things.he's really good at catching on to games, and loves being thrown around, he's my little toughie. loves being upside down, and only cries for a minute when he gets hurt.

he's got a great sense of humor, and loves goofing off, and gets a kick out of our laughing at stuff he does.

he's so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes when i look at him sometimes. i can't get over how perfect he looks.

he eats everything in sight! he loves putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. and he's always begging for my food too.

ahhh. my little bitty giddy. my love, i just wanted to write down some cool stuff about him to remember.

my beautiful boy


this was giddy's one year birthday outing to the mall... here he is enjoying mc'D's fryfries

one year old birthday outing to the mall

daddy warming up his hands at Boo at the Zoo




in the dog's bed, with M&Ms all over his face!
giddy with m&ms all over his face in the dog bed

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

filling in the good parts of yesterday

i wanted to focus on the good parts of yesterday, so i wouldn't just remember the crap (and such a lot of crap there was, literally, lol.)so here it is....
-giddy is beautiful! i love looking at him, yesterday he had browns pj bottoms on and brown socks, and he looked so cute stomping around. yesterday, as always, giddy was a clown and fun to watch.
-charlie was so soft and cuddly after his bath, and his bangs are starting to grow out, so i tried putting a clippie in it, and he looked so cute.
-i got out the thomas train yesterday after straightening the living room, and watched giddy and gabey play in it. they were having so much fun, and at one point we tipped it over, so it was like a little cave. i got some good pictures.
-at one point, when giddy spilled crayons all over the floor, i started to get upset, but instead, got out a coloring book, and colored with them for a little while. giddy eats the crayons which is gross, but he also can color already.
- we had a nice drive to pick up jeffie from work (and it's always good to have him with me)
- chrissy came over and watched the kids for a few hours, and jeffie and i went to CiCi's for dinner, and wandered around Petco for a little while. that was a big boost. (i'm sure chrissy knew how much i needed time to breath)
- when i got home, gabey was playing with jeffie, so i had about 10 minutes to just play with giddy! he is such a joy to play with. we got a new game where we put a tissue on his head like a hat, and he tries to do it to me too.
-jeffie ran out after the kids went to bed, and got me a starbucks frappie from the grocery store. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my day so far (venting) Times are approximate

7:30 gabey comes into bed, and i let him, because i've already sent him back to his own bed once, and had to sit with him. head still hurts, shoulders still sore.

7:40 gabey wants to go in the living room, and i decide to try to let the dog out and get a bottle ready before giddy wakes up. walk in the kitchen, and find dog poop on the kitchen floor again. have to clean that up.
gabey is making too much noise, and i hear the baby starting to fuss.

7:45 clean up the poop, take the dog out, and stand outside in the cold so he doesn't get under the fence somewhere and wander off.

7:50 get bottle ready, gabey's asking for junk, dog is under foot.
give giddy his bottle, and repeatedly chase gabey from coming in, and distracting giddy... it's one of the few times, i have some quiet giddy time.

8:00 change giddy's diaper, and put clothes on him... change gabey's pullup, and put clothes on him. put some baby einstein on.

8:30 change poop from giddy's diaper, have to change his shirt because he got poop on it. changed gabey's pullup because he pooped.

9:00 change poops from gabey again, and hope he's done, so i put underwear on him.

11:00 get another bottle, and put giddy to bed for nap
put coat and shoes on gabey and shove him outside for some quiet.

11:05 gabey comes back screaming, because he fell and scraped his hands a little bit. won't stop, wakes the baby up, i put him in his room so he'll calm down.
try to keep giddy in his room for a little longer, binkie him, and lay him back down. doesn't really work.
11:10 smell poop again, and have to change gabey back into a pullup because he pooped his underwear.

12: give the dog a bath, because he stinks to high heaven, have to keep chasing gabey out of the bathroom while i clean the dog.
12:15 try to finish drying charlie off, put the wet baby in the high chair so i can clean up the dr. pepper he spilled all over the living room floor and sat in.

12:45 a little lull.... gabey is in a shirt and pullup, and is quietly playing with a toy.. giddy is in just a diaper, and is trying to sabotage the computer, i keep having to move his hand away from the mouse.

today is much better than yesterday. by afternoon yesterday, i was crying.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cat and Dog Diaries

my friend posted this on our super-babies board! I was rolling!


Excerpts from a Dog's Diary......

8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing!
9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing!
9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing!
10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!
12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite thing!
1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favorite thing!
3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
5:00 pm - Milk Bones! My favorite thing!
7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!

Excerpts from a Cat's Daily Diary...

Day 983 of my captivity...

My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets.

Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.

Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a 'good little hunter' I am.

There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of 'allergies.' I must learn what this means and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded.

The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicating with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now................

(i am so sorry, i just copied and pasted this from an email, and didn't notice the swear word, i deleted it. please forgive me.)

Going to Consolidate

If I can do it, I'm going to try to consolidate my blogs. I want to paste the posts here, and close them out.

I'm going to try to move them chronologically, so the posts go in the date they were posted. Wish me luck.



Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chilly Morning Dog Treat

We've really been enjoying having Charlie as part of our family. He's a very good dog, and is amazingly tolerant of the kids.

This morning, we followed our routine... baby wakes up, feed the baby, THEN let the dog out. He was a good boy, and is understanding the routine. He gets a treat when he comes back inside, so when we got back in, I gave him a treat. He ran with it. Then came back, and I actually gave him something else. I was surprised to see it dropped in the hallway. Then I found out why!!

In the living room, Gabey had dumped the snausages on the floor, and Charlie AND Giddy were both snacking away! That kid'll eat anything!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chicken at V's Gourmet

This is a quick slideshow of a fantastic takeout place, called V's Gourmet Chicken and Ribs. A good friend owns the restaurant, and their whole family help run it.
Their chicken is the best ever! It seems to always be pretty crowded with people waiting for something tastey. They do catering, and things like that too.

The most wonderful thing about this restaurant though is their testimony! Paris and his family come to Cleveland Baptist with us, and are sold out soul winners. The family decorated their whole customer area with salvation material, and have a video running non-stop about Jesus. It's so awesome to go in there, and look around, and watch the video about Christ, and then to be able to eat the best fried chicken ever. Jeffie and I went on a mini date on Saturday, and got their meals, and ate them at a spot by the lake. It was really cold, so we only stayed for a few minutes and then went to Borders to spend the rest of the evening.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Pulled in Many directions

I've always been a focused person. I'm really good at taking care of one thing at a time, at paying attention to one detail at a time, one person at a time. Since becoming a mom, my brain has suddenly been called to be a multitasking brain. It has not handled the transition well. LOL!! I would love to just work on one thing at a time, but it's impossible. The kids, the pets, the house are all demanding my attention all at the same minute, just about every minute of the day. My only escape is into this computer, where I look away from everyone, and sink myself into the screen, and focus. I know that's why so many women get into blogs, and forums, and things like that. They need an escape that is absolutely essential to their sanity. The bedroom, the basement, the backyard are all insufficient, because it's still too hard to ignore all that's going around you, and a physical escape is something that children and pets will not stand for. The kids pile around you, the dog jumps on you, the bunny thumps. Somehow they tend to mess with you less when you're in this little computer corner. Maybe they think you're not "busy" so they have no need to bug you. LOL.

Fun Pumpkin carving simulation site

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Links to view Disney Photos for Make a Wish

Day Two... Disney Hollywood Studios, and evening at Give Kids the World Village....

Day Three... quest for Herbie at the Resort and Downtown Disney

Day Four... Sea World

Day 5... Animal Kingdom

(day 6 is in an earlier post)

Day 7... Misc. Village, and trip home





Meet Charlie.
our newest addition to the little dippong zoo!
a friend of a friend couldn't keep Charlie, because she was going to assisted living. Charlie was staying with her daughter's farm, but kept getting chased by the hawks, so they had to find a new home for him. He's about 7 years old, and pretty well behaved. He's soooo loving, and cuddly. He stinks though, lol. i've been giving him baths, and trying to get him to be a little less scruffy. I'm sure it will be better once he's properly groomed, and his teeth are fixed.

Jeffie has always been so good to me, and he's always wanted a dog, specifically a yorkie, soooo... here's Charlie!

Wish I had more hours in the day to tell you all that's been going on!

We got a dog!
We went to Disney World for Make a Wish, and...
Giddy's walking!!

I have a ton of pics, but they're all on facebook, so here are some links for you to see some disney pics...

Day One- on the airplane, and evening at Give Kids the World Village

Day Six- at the Magic Kingdom

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pacer, the Travelin' Bun

My forum for rabbit owners is doing a cool Traveling Bunny, and this is my week to have Pacer.
Here's a slideshow of yesterday's clippey doctor appointment, and tour of downtown.

Scary, funny 2029 Headlines

Headlines from the year 2029

Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia,formerly known as California

White minorities still trying to have English recognized as
Mexifornia's third language.

Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and livestock.

Baby conceived naturally! Scientists stumped.

Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage.

Iran still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.

France pleads for global help after being taken over by Jamaica. No other country comes forward to help the beleaguered nation!

Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.

George Z. Bush says he will run for President in 2036.

Postal Service raises price of first class stamp to $17.89 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

85-year $75.8 billion study: Diet and exercise is the key to weight loss.

Average weight of Americans drops to 250 lbs.

Global cooling blamed for citrus crop failure for third consecutive year in Mexifornia and Floruba.

Japanese scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed they now can photograph a woman with her mouth shut.

Abortion clinics now available in every High School in United States.

Senate still blocking drilling in ANWR even though gas is selling for 4532 Pesos per liter and gas stations are only open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Massachusetts executes last remaining conservative.?

Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights.

Average height of NBA players is now nine feet, seven inches with
only 3 illegitimate children.?

New federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2030.

IRS sets lowest tax rate at 75 percent.

Floruba voters still having trouble with voting machines.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Why can't they invent...

• Socks that stay on
• Disposable car seat covers
• Children's music that's not about sandwiches, the alphabet, or sharing
• A self-cleaning house
• Pacifiers that sterilize themselves when they fall on the ground

(sorry, i forgot to mention that i got these from a baby email newsletter. they're not my ideas.)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm on Bunspace now.

I'm mostly doing my blogging about Frappie there. She's doing great.


We worked on our patio the other day. We brought flagstones from the backyard, and river stones from the front yard, and got something together.

Bunny Days of Summer

It's been a good and bad summer. Gabey's doing great. He's healthy and energetic, and wonderful. We go to our appointment once a month, and other than that, we just have daily medicines to give. We're all waiting patiently for Make a Wish in September.
Financially, it's been pretty yucky. Our van got reposessed. I'm bitter about that, and am just working on getting past it. It's been a hard summer for that reason. I have been without my vehicle, and it makes for a lonnng day sometimes. Jeff is being helpful now, and is starting to take the bus a few times a week, so i can have the car. We are catching up, and just really having to watch ourselves. God has been taking care of us. People have been giving us money, and the church pantry is helpful for food.

Giddy is awesome! He's getting all over the living room in his own hillarious tumble weed way. He can sit up from laying down now, and is in the beginnings of a crawl.

We're having a great time with Frappie, I brought her back up to the living room, and every day I block it off, and let her run around the living room with us. I also have a great play yard that I made from the pen from downstairs. She's a really smart bunny, and is very trainable. I like that.




Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mini Outing

Jeffie got home at around 6 from work, and it was a nice day out. So, we ran to Giant Eagle and got some picnic stuff, and went to the playground by our library. It was just such a nice evening. Jeffie and I had salads, and Gabey had a lunchable. He played on a bouncy racer the whole time. Giddy tried Gerber stars for the first time. I got video on my phone, but can't send it. He looked so adorable gumming the little stars, and gripping a star in both hands. He still made me feed them to him this time.

Everything just ran pretty smoothly, and that doesn't often happen lately, LOL.
Even when we got home bedtime was pleasant. Giddy just wanted his nightime bottle, and to be rocked as usual, and he dropped off to sleep easily. We have yet to see if Gabey's sleep will come as readily. Jeff is in there now. He's such a big boy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

one good thing

well, one good thing about our yard so far, lol. the grass grew back just great, and you can't even really tell there was a huge valley a month ago. lol.

the rest of the yard is still a mess. it's been too hot to work out there, and i haven't had the energy to tackle all the things that need to be done.

i did get the rose bush out from under the front tree, but it died in the transplanting. :(

we have had some great cookouts and campfires so far this year though. that's been so nice. every saturday, we've started the fire in the fire pit, and had such nice visits with my sister and brother.

some recent pics

here are some pics from a deer we saw in the neighbor's yard.

giddy, food painting, lol.

i've started putting ice in his old baby socks, lol. they make great teethers.