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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mini Outing

Jeffie got home at around 6 from work, and it was a nice day out. So, we ran to Giant Eagle and got some picnic stuff, and went to the playground by our library. It was just such a nice evening. Jeffie and I had salads, and Gabey had a lunchable. He played on a bouncy racer the whole time. Giddy tried Gerber stars for the first time. I got video on my phone, but can't send it. He looked so adorable gumming the little stars, and gripping a star in both hands. He still made me feed them to him this time.

Everything just ran pretty smoothly, and that doesn't often happen lately, LOL.
Even when we got home bedtime was pleasant. Giddy just wanted his nightime bottle, and to be rocked as usual, and he dropped off to sleep easily. We have yet to see if Gabey's sleep will come as readily. Jeff is in there now. He's such a big boy.

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