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Friday, October 22, 2010

too short, a little too short!

oh my word. i had a moment of insanity yesterday. i've been dealing with a really bad headache and sore shoulders and neck for a few days now. yesterday, i think i was dillusional, because i went in to the bathroom, and grabbed some handfuls of hair, and CHOPPED like 5 inches off! EEK!!! it was too short to even it up, i didn't want to make it any worse. usually i can take some off, and even it up, and it looks fine, but i just took way too much off this time.
when jeffie got home, i asked him to take me to Great Clips down the street, and the sweet girl helped me out. LOL. the shampooing was so nice, and the cut felt so good, i almost forgot my headache for a half hour.

soooo, i have shoulder length hair for the first time in, i would say, DECADES. oops. i'll get pics soon. i want to grow it out again, but i think i'm going to need to keep getting it layered and thinned out. it just gets way too heavy. it got thick and wavy after having the kids. too bad i want it long and straight like it was in college. lol.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Wish the World Understood Sweetest Day

Every year Sweetest Day passes without much ado. A few people in Cleveland go on dates, and give cards and candy.

It makes me sad to hear that people think Sweetest Day is just another "couple's holiday" or another card company's attempt to make money. I don't know what went wrong in the inception of this holiday that the spirit of it went so awry.

Sweetest Day started out as a holiday to show kindness to others. It was a way to brighten up October with a day that was the Sweetest Day of the year.

"Sweetest Day always falls on the third Saturday in October. The first Sweetest Day took place around 1922 in Cleveland....
Herbert Birch Kingston and friends began celebrating by distributing candy and gifts to orphans, shut-ins, the disabled and other groups that were often left out of holiday celebrations. Sweetest Day then got some early promotions help from movie stars.

Ann Pennington gave boxes of candy to 2,200 Cleveland newspaper boys, and Theda Bara gave away 10,000 boxes of candy to patients in hospitals in Cleveland and to people who came to see her films at a Cleveland theater.

Within 10 years, the day had become so popular that Cleveland officially set the same Saturday in October every year as Sweetest Day. In the following years, the idea of Sweetest Day has spread though the Midwest and is largely considered a second Valentine’s Day, although the holiday is not mean to focus exclusively on romantic love. Cleveland is still the most popular place to celebrate Sweetest Day, but nearby states and bigger cities have also taken to celebrating the day every year." - Heidi Ross 10/10.

I wish I could teach the world about Sweetest Day. It has so much potential. The world needs more kindness, more generosity, more celebration of the goodness in others.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Etiquette and Manners Classes in School

Who's with me? Why don't schools still offer Etiquette and Manners classes? They scramble to pass out condoms, and teach how to have sex! Why can't they teach how to be considerate, and respectful? No one has respect for the elderly anymore. It's all me me me. I'm more important than you, and therefore, I can push in front of you, or talk rude to you, or whatever.

No one knows how to eat in public anymore. Tonight, I was a Macaroni Grill, and there were some high school kids eating before a dance. One girl kept hiking up her triangle spaghetti strap dress up at the bodice, and eating large mouthfuls of pasta. It was hard not to notice the poor girl.

I am guilty of poor etiquette, too. I tend to burp sooo much louder than I ever did when I was under my mom's roof. My mom has always been a lady. She taught me to be a lady. I have let so many bad habits slip into my everyday mannerisms, I could put my embarrassing stories in a fail blog, LOL. I have spent so much time at home, doing whatever I feel like doing, I could benefit from an etiquette class.

I do try to be considerate of people in public, especially for older ladies and gentlemen. I try to let people through in traffic, and in stores... let people go first in line. I'm always trying to remain pleasant and polite to restaurant workers and cashiers at stores. It's just a nice thing to do. I'm sure there are days though, when I probably annoy people with my brusqueness or impatience when I'm having a bad day. I know not everyone can have a good day every day.

I just wish it were more of a priority for people to act right in public.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gabey and Giddy's Halloween Costumes 2010

We got parent points today. LOL. The kids loved their costumes. We surprised Gabey with his General Grievous costume, and he flipped out! Gideon picked out his Batman costume, and I am laughing so hard at how cute he looks. They got to try them on just now, and they were running around the house acting so tough.

My favorite time of year.

‎"October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came-
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples, And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet, And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band."
- George Cooper

Man, i Love autumn. We were driving on the highway yesterday, and i just wanted to bottle up all that color. just amazing! God is so cool. I can look at all this beauty, and know that He made it all happen. I just have to grin, and silently give him props, LOL. God wants to hear from us. He likes hearing us say... "Man, is that the coolest color for the leaves, God, you are awesome!" He made the earth for His enjoyment. Everyone likes caring for something. We get pets and have children, so we can care for something and watch it grow. Just like we enjoy getting positive feedback from the children and pets that we care for, God wants to hear us praise Him, and love Him. It would be so sad to raise a baby, and feed him, love him, and never have him pay attention to us, or show us love. We would be heartbroken.
We have an amazing, (beyond comprehension)Father, who made the universe, and everything in it. Yet, He can be our personal Father, through faith in Christ. We can see little personal gifts that He leaves for us every day. Each little critter that crosses our path, for our enjoyment, or a chuckle- that's God giving us a gift. Let's all give him "props" give Him the glory, give Him our admiration and love.

Deuteronomy 10:21 (King James Version)

21He is thy praise, and he is thy God, that hath done for thee these great and terrible things, which thine eyes have seen.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10

Just wanted to mark the date....

cool, huh?

Crazy Dream

i so wish i could remember more, but this is what i remember of my dream...

i can't remember the back story at all, but i was with a group at a table, kind of like security to this building (hospital, jail, funny farm, lol. not sure which) but this hilarious little lady came over and mentioned something about running interference.. and went up the stair well. she came down in an obvious disguise, with a pillow in her front shirt. she shuffled to the bathroom across the hall, we heard the flush, and she shuffled back, and headed up the stairs, but in the corner of my eye, i saw that she fell forward up the stairs and landed on her pillow belly. we knew she was doing all this to distract us from something down the hall.. so the dream went on...

then i remember being outside by some kind of cemetery with a group.. and some sort of ceremony. the guy leading the ceremony was trying to be all serious, but he was playing a stick like a clarinet or something, and blowing just one note while his fingers moved on the stick... then he was waving the stick in someone's face being really annoying. i was laughing so hard, and i totally got into the comedy. there was a group being punished for something, and i pretended to be crying.. and said... "that was the worst bird i ever knew" and i'm laughing, pretending to cry... and it turns out that up at the place where the people are, is this green parrot! ROTFL.

i woke up, laughing. LOL.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Morning Giggles

i was telling jeffie that i made him coffee, and gabey piped up.."you made me coffee??" i said, "noo! of course i wouldn't make you coffee." he quipped back, "well, i guess i'll have to make my own." ROTFL!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Morning with Gideon

I'm having a fairly nice morning with Gideon, we did a craft with the Bingo markers.. they make great dots. :) and we put stickers on it.
When we had a snack, i cut up cantaloupe into small squares and gave him a toothpick. He really enjoyed that, and said it was the "tastiest ever" in his toddler accent. when he was finished, the container i had still had some juice at the bottom. we wanted to throw it in the garbage, and he "helped" me by drinking the juice... only it was a square container, and the juice dribbled down both sides of container down his shirt. he was so proud of himself for solving the juice issue. Then when i asked him to throw it in the garbage... he grinned and said.. "throw it in the carpet?" nooo garbage... "carpet!" and he put the container under the rug! ROTFL. what a stinker.

now, as i'm writing this, he just came up to me asking for "fruitons" ROTFL!! it caught me off guard. he means croutons! ROTFL!!