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Friday, October 22, 2010

too short, a little too short!

oh my word. i had a moment of insanity yesterday. i've been dealing with a really bad headache and sore shoulders and neck for a few days now. yesterday, i think i was dillusional, because i went in to the bathroom, and grabbed some handfuls of hair, and CHOPPED like 5 inches off! EEK!!! it was too short to even it up, i didn't want to make it any worse. usually i can take some off, and even it up, and it looks fine, but i just took way too much off this time.
when jeffie got home, i asked him to take me to Great Clips down the street, and the sweet girl helped me out. LOL. the shampooing was so nice, and the cut felt so good, i almost forgot my headache for a half hour.

soooo, i have shoulder length hair for the first time in, i would say, DECADES. oops. i'll get pics soon. i want to grow it out again, but i think i'm going to need to keep getting it layered and thinned out. it just gets way too heavy. it got thick and wavy after having the kids. too bad i want it long and straight like it was in college. lol.


Anonymous said...

I keep threatening my head of hair when I have migraines. I get them so badly my entire scalp turns a pinkish color and it's very sore just to touch. Part of the auto-immune disorder they tell me. I don't care why I just know it hurts. I'm getting closer and closer to cutting. Hugs. Tammy

Shari said...

ugh, that must be awful.
pain does things to our logic, i think.