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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Morning with Gideon

I'm having a fairly nice morning with Gideon, we did a craft with the Bingo markers.. they make great dots. :) and we put stickers on it.
When we had a snack, i cut up cantaloupe into small squares and gave him a toothpick. He really enjoyed that, and said it was the "tastiest ever" in his toddler accent. when he was finished, the container i had still had some juice at the bottom. we wanted to throw it in the garbage, and he "helped" me by drinking the juice... only it was a square container, and the juice dribbled down both sides of container down his shirt. he was so proud of himself for solving the juice issue. Then when i asked him to throw it in the garbage... he grinned and said.. "throw it in the carpet?" nooo garbage... "carpet!" and he put the container under the rug! ROTFL. what a stinker.

now, as i'm writing this, he just came up to me asking for "fruitons" ROTFL!! it caught me off guard. he means croutons! ROTFL!!

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