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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Record Bowls!

i just thought this was way cool!
a guy named, Jeff Davis, makes bowls from records, and they really look great!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

sore shoulders

Uggg! I can't believe how badly my shoulder blades hurt! Icks! I've been doing the physical therapy, and i feel like it's the old, "oh, your stomach hurts? well, let me step on your foot to take your mind off that pain." the part of my shoulder that was giving me problems before feels ok, and the rest of my back and shoulders hurt now. lol.

only 2 more weeks to go.

oh, and i thought you might like to share my last piece of birthday cake, lol.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my birthday!! :):)

I had a very nice birthday. jeffie took the day off and we worked on the house a little bit. it's coming along just fine, and i'm feeling better about it every day i go. i washed the walls and floor of the one room, and swept more. jeffie and my dad tore down the surround, and behind it looked sooo much better than i thought it would! we'll only have to replace the bottom of the drywall, like a foot above the tub all the way around, but the rest looks just fine, clean and dry. yippeeee!

and my good friend, angi, called and had just happened to find a tub refinishing kit on clearance, and so she hid it behind some stuff for me, lol. i was able to go up there and snag the kit for 17.00.

last night, jeff made us tacos for dinner, and we watched "The Heffalump Movie" i definitely want to own that! gabey was jumping around laughing so hard! it was really fun. after gabey went to bed, we watched the most stupid movie ever since "crybaby" it was the "confessions of a teenage drama queen", Dont watch it! i can't believe i watched the whole thing! i was just so bugged. the whole theme was about lying, and making things up, and questioning authority. the clothes were raunchy, and the music and dancing were racy. i shouldn't have watched it.

story hour

i found the mp3's of some stories i got to read for my home church's website.
i was so happy that i was able to save them. it's been about 3 years since i made them, and i totally thought they were gone.

here is the first one i did....The Beginning...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

New house, update

I want to try to update you guys on the house as time goes by. i'm going to put some before and after pictures, hopefully, lol.

we went over there yesterday, and i swept a little, and wiped the sinks and toilet, lol. i'm trying to take it easy until tomorrow, which is when we said we'd be starting to clean and paint and stuff. my dad asked me to give my brother until then so he could get his stuff out. welllll, yesterday i kind of helped a little. i cleared out the cupboards in the kitchen and put everything in one spot, and i cleared out his son's room, and put everything on the bed (that's bolted to the wall).

we went to walmart today and got a nice neutral antique white to paint with. i had colors picked out, but i really don't want to decide right now, so quickly. i don't really know what kind of decor i want. and we got a huge bottle of bleach, regular cleaner, murphy's oil soap, huge sponges, paint supplies, a cool mop for wood floors, and pails. lol. we're going to go over there a little bit tomorrow, so we can try to rip out the surround, and start cleaning. i'll probably wait to clean the floors, because it's muddy out, and i'll just be mopping it again later, with all the people tracking stuff all over.

most of the rooms will just need to be cleaned, and later, painted. so that's good. the bathroom really needs some work right now. we're going to tear out the surround, and maybe the wall behind that, depending on how much damage is done behind it. we'll put new drywall up in areas, and then a new surround. we want to keep the tub, so my friend's husband mentioned a tub refinishing kit. i'm going to look into that. we'll get new flooring, and a new sink vanity cabinet, and new toilet seat. the sink, and toilet are fine.