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Friday, April 27, 2007

Our Fleeting Spring Moments

Spring has been pretty much a joke since the beginning. A long snowstorm flattened daffodils, and ruined forsythias. It's been either raining or snowing most of the spring season here. So sad.
But, there are bits of sunshine and warmth. My tulips, which I planted pretty deeply came up after the snow, and so they're proud and strong.
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The heavy rains flattened my hyacinths, so I decided to just bring them in, so I could still enjoy them, instead of feeling sorry for them laying flat on the ground.
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Here is a sweet little mood lighting my dad gave me. I might even paint it to match the kitchen when we do the painting this year. I liked the glow it gave the plants in that corner.
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Here is a goofy Gabey flirty look (and yes, those are ice cream sprinkle remnants on his cheek, LOL we went to East Coast Custard...)
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Blonde in an Airplane

I've always loved blonde jokes, even now that I'm not one, I still like them. LOL.
an airplane was flying to it's destination, when suddenly the pilot came on the speaker, and said...
"we're sorry, but we've lost one of our engines. now, there's no need to worry, we still have 3 engines left, but unfortunately, it's going to delay us an hour."

later, he came on again, and said..."we lost another engine, no worries, we have 2 left, but that's a 2 hour delay now."

and then again, he popped on, and said..."another engine has been lost. We do have one more engine left, but I'm so sorry, it's a 3 hour delay now."

a little blonde piped up to another passenger..."if we lose another engine, we'll be up here forever!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Twist on Candyland

I pulled out the Candyland for Gabey, and noticed that all of the little game pieces were gone.... so we used Little People. That was a fun game, but what happened after the game was even more fun.
We had little people represent each character on the board, and had a little girl go though and meet all the characters. Then the king announced that he was having a party, and then had everyone take a ride in a truck.

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(I don't know if I'll ever get a picture of him without some type of messiness. LOL. I forgot to wipe his face after spaghetti.)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally, pictures of the set.

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My little Actor

Gabey is reciting a line from "Curious George"

"Oh yeah, sure, but what kind of meatball would buy these??"
(it's from a scene where these brooklyn salesman are dealing with a huge shipment of yellow safari suits, ROTFL.)

Paying for it

A while ago, I thought I'd be sneaky, and I copied a CD-Rom from the library. (wrong!)
I'm not sure what made me think it was ok.

Well, now I'm paying for the CD-Rom anyway. The library insists that I lost the pamphlet that went with the CD, and so now, I'm paying for the entire CD....$22.00 worth.

Ahhh, well. I shouldn't have copied it anyway, so I'm paying for my "crime".

Thursday, April 12, 2007

April Fools!

This weather has been one big April Fool's joke on us. I can't believe it. I haven't seen the sun for days. I'm folding up like a butterfly. It's been awful. I have no ambition to do anything. I'm just a lump. Not depressed or sad or anything, just lethargic, and apathetic. I know the lack of sun is the main factor for me. I notice the minute the sun comes out, I wake up thinking.... today is going to be a good day, let's do something. I notice I get more housework done too. I just feel more awake.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I get in these moods, where I just look at the computer and just can't bring myself to get on it, do you ever get that way? It's been this way for a few weeks. I'm sorry. I'll be back, I promise, LOL.

The play set turned out just fine, and I got pictures. I'll post them soon. The night of the play was not so hot for me. Gabey started whining and crying right before we left, and then when we got there, he looked like he was about to puke on the pew. He was crying and wouldn't let us do anything. I was sure he was overtired, but I didn't want him to get sick either, so I took him out to the one hall. He wouldn't sit on my lap, and went over and laid down on the floor, and FELL ASLEEP. I was stuck in the hall the whole night. I got to look at the play on the monitor, but there was no sound. WAH. Plus, it turned out that they tried to give me a gift at the end, and I wasn't there to accept it. I was watching on the monitor, and just sighing. Not a good night for me. And I was a poop to everyone. I feel badly that I took my bad mood out on everyone, but my family is cool and understanding, and they all forgave me. Gabey wasn't sick at all, just overtired, and i think his tummy got squished from his pants and the buckle in the carseat, that was why he was holding his belly. He was just fine when we got home, figures, huh? LOL.

It's been snowing like crazy since last wednesday. We had a very white Easter. They couldn't run the buses, and I had to postpone my Saturday night family get together. We're going to have it this Saturday instead.

Caffeine Content of Popular Drinks

I've been wondering how much caffeine was in Dr. Pepper, and it's not that bad. They say that a pregnant person should stay below about 200mg a day. Dr. Pepper has only 41mg, so I don't have to worry about totally cutting it out. :):)
MANNN, coffee has a TON, no wonder I'm wired whenever I have any. I'm not a regular coffee drinker, except for specialty drinks when I'm out, I bet those have a LOAD of caffeine in them. LOL.

I'm noticing that some of the diet pops have more caffeine than the regular. I wonder why.

Caffeine Content Of Popular Drinks

Soft Drinks
12-ounce beverage milligrams

Red Bull (8.2 oz) 80.0
Jolt 71.2
Pepsi One 55.5
Mountain Dew 55.0
Mountain Dew Code Red 55.0
Diet Mountain Dew 55.0
Kick Citrus 54.0
Mellow Yellow 52.8
Surge 51.0
Tab 46.8
Diet Coke 45.6
Shasta Cola 44.4
Shasta Cherry Cola 44.4
Shasta Diet Cola 44.4
RC Cola 43.0
Diet RC 43.0
Dr. Pepper 41.0
Diet Dr. Pepper 41.0
Diet Sunkist Orange 41.0
Mr. Pibb 40.0
Sugar-Free Mr. Pibb 40.0
Red Flash 40.0
Sunkist Orange 40.0
Slim-Fast Cappuccino Delight Shake 40.0
Ruby Red 39.0
Storm 38.0
Big Red 38.0
Pepsi-Cola 37.5
Pepsi Twist 37.5
Diet Pepsi Jazz 37.5
Diet Pepsi 36.0
Wild Cherry Pepsi 38.0
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi 36.0
Diet Pepsi Twist 36.0
Aspen 36.0
Coca-Cola Classic 34.0
Cherry Coke 34.0
Lemon Coke 34.0
Vanilla Coke 34.0
Diet Cherry Coke 34.0
Snapple Flavored Teas (Reg. or Diet) 31.5
Canada Dry Cola 30.0
A&W Creme Soda 29.0
Nestea Sweet Iced Tea 26.5
Nestea Unsweetened Iced Tea 26.0
Barq's Root Beer 23.0
A&W Diet Creme Soda 22.0
Slim-Fast Chocolate Flavors 20.0
Snapple Sweet Tea 12.0
Lipton Brisk, All Varieties 9
Canada Dry Diet Cola 1.2
Diet Rite Cola 0
Sprite 0
7-Up 0
Mug Root Beer 0
Diet Barq's Root Beer 0
Sundrop Orange 0
Minute Maid Orange 0
A&W Root Beer 0
Slice 0
Sierra Mist 0
Fresca 0

Other Beverages
8-ounce Beverage milligrams

Coffee, Drip 115-175
Coffee, Brewed 80-135
Coffee, Espresso (2 ounces) 100
Coffee, Instant 65-100
Tea, iced 47
Tea, brewed, imported brands (avg.) 60
Tea, brewed, U.S. brands (avg.) 40
Tea, instant 30
Tea, green 15
Hot cocoa 14
Coffee, Decaf, brewed 3-4
Coffee, Decaf, instant 2-3

Friday, April 06, 2007

they're still good!

Oh mannnn, having kids is so funny!
I was getting out the Easter decorations, and I put some on the bottom shelf...

I left the room and came back, and he was chipmunk boy, and he happily told me there was something in the eggs (jelly beans)! Yikes! How old is that stuff??
and he says....
"It's still good!"

Monday, April 02, 2007

oh yeah, and the dish people

lol, the dish people did come on Thursday, and it was a very smooth installation.
The DVR, and the channels work just fine. Let's see how it is when the next snow storm hits, LOL.

so nice out lately

All last week, and now the beginning of this week, have been so fantastic!
We've made it a point to go outside every day.
On Friday, my dad had his first picnic of the year in the park. We had a great time!
I'll have to put pictures up soon.

The play is this week. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Well, gotta scoot, Gabey wants to go out again. LOL.