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Monday, October 31, 2005

Sunny Bunny

Everyone has a "lovey", a stuffed something or other that is real to us. This is Sunny Bunny. I wanted you to see him. He is Gabey's lovey. This has been his best friend since he was maybe 6 months old. He confiscated it off our bed, and has never let it out of his sight since.

He puts so much love into this sweet bunny, that if we could somehow extract the love, we'd have a lifetime supply. He is turning 2 soon, and he is developing a wonderful imagination. I love watching him as he makes bunny "look" at things. He puts bunny's face into whatever he wants him to see. He pretends to feed him. He really adores this little stuffed bunny. He calls it "Munny".

Thursday, October 27, 2005


oh my word. how sweet. gabey likes our room, he plays with my clock, and turns on the aromatherapy button, and the music button, and my little touch lamp. while i was writing the last post, i let gabey play on my bed. he likes it because it's HUGE. well, he was getting really quiet, so i peeked in on him, and he had fallen asleep, with bunny's hand covering his one eye. i got a picture of him before i put him in his crib to sleep. i love my little munchkin so much.

sally's pink dress

This is one of the dresses i won for Sally on ebay.

it's perfect. 2 others in the lot fit also. there is one that was too small, and one other one that seems too fragile for me to try, i think it would fit.

closeup of the lace and the pretty waistline.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i found the cake i'm making for my son's birthday

isn't it just the coolest?!!

Gabey adores cars and trucks and trains and tractors and hummers and... well... anything on wheels, really. lol.

so, i'm going to make this cake, and get party theme stuff to match it. yea!!

The weather has been pretty icky out, very rainy, and chilly, so we've pretty much just stayed in most of the weekend. We did visit Chrissy last night, and she helped me go to a thrift store and get some capris and jeans. I can't really shop with the baby, you know, so she let him run around the store and left me to be able to look through the clothes. I found a great pair of really comfy jeans, and 2 pairs of capris. I'm so glad, i've been wearing shorts all summer, and well, it's getting a bit chilly for that now. lol. gabey ended up picking up this horrible car though, and carrying it around. it was broken! and they were charging .99 cents for it! i was like NO WAY! so i had chrissy take him to the car while i was in line, and she left it at the front door. Gabey was upset, but i wasn't about to spend a dollar on a broken toy!! he has more cars than a car dealership as it is anyway! we went to her apartment, and played with her new laptop, and gabey played with the toys she has for him, and he talked to her bird, taffy. we had such a nice time. i always love being with her, she's my best friend. and gabey loves her like crazy too. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

my neopet

These are my neopets. i tried to post the code from the neopet website, but it's not working, so i just saved the pictures of them. my username is shari31373 if you want to check them out...

How on earth did you get in there???

Thursday night, was a memorable one. We just got the toddler bed, and Gabey loved it. We laid him down, and said prayer, and shut the light off like usual, and he was quiet the rest of the evening.
Well, around one o'clock, I heard him whimpering, and went in to check on him. I couldn't find him!! I could hear him, I was like,
"honey, where are you?"
I turned on the light, and heard him inside the bed! I looked under the bed, and there he was!
"What are you doing in there?!"
"GUCK!" (stuck)
Oh, honey! I pulled him out by the legs, and the rest of the night was crazy. He didn't want to get back in the bed! And I don't blame him. At one point, I had him get in, and I put the cover on him, and he had his head on the pillow, but I could tell he was scared, and he started crying and said "Out, DOWN?"
I stayed with him the rest of the night, as we had just taken down the crib. Oh, I was so tired. I had us lay down on the floor on pillows and stuff, but he only was there for a little while, and he kept playing with my face and laughing. He played around the room, in the semi dark. Finally at 4 AM, we went out to the living room, and I let him watch his choo choo video. I moved him to the floor to lay on his huge turtle pillow, and turned it on again after he'd watched it once, and by 5 AM, he was asleep! I could finally try to sleep too. So SORE! I'm not too comfortable on our "king chair" (chez lounge). Well, needless to say, put up the crib again, yesterday afternoon. He was still upset, and didn't even want to be in the crib for his afternoon nap, so we let him nap on the turtle again. Last night, we laid him in the crib like always, and he was just fine. "thank you Lord!"

I'm not upset that he's not ready for the toddler bed yet. We're keeping it up for him to play in, and later, he'll move to it when he's ready. I realize, he wouldn't want to stay put, even if he hadn't had that traumatic experience, so he still needs the crib, AND he likes it. So, we'll wait until he WANTS to move from the crib. He doesn't try to climb out, he's perfectly content in the crib, so we're fine with him staying in there. I am extremely happy that we got the bed when we did though, the deal we got, wouldn't have ever come again. And we get to give it to him for his birthday.

What other kid you know gets a CAR for his 2 year old birthday? LOL!

(This picture is from a few weeks ago)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

my new bed!

This is the bed we just got from Ebay. It's fantastic. Jeff and his friend, Dave went and picked it up, and put it together this evening. Gabey was flipping out, crawling all over the pieces, we had to put something in front of the door to keep him out, so jeff could put it together. I put his stuffed animals and his pillow in the bed, and he promptly tossed them back out, so he could play in it. lol.
Let's just hope he'll sleep in it too.

Gabey's growing up, wah!

I just got Gabey a toddler bed, and a potty seat! I found them on Ebay for cheapy cheap!!

We're hoping to pick up the bed tonight. I think we'll put it together and let him use it right away instead of waiting til his birthday. I don't want him to be too stressed all at once, with the holidays and stuff too.

I'm going to put the potty seat in the bathroom, but i'm not going to start training him, until i think he's more ready. i just wanted him to have one now, for whenever he's ready.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

GranGran's Graphics- such a cute site :)

I put the web address for GranGran's Graphics in my profile, but it didn't show up as a link, so I thought I'd put a little blip in here.
I really like her graphics, and have used them for my church website

and now, i am using it for my blog.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sally in her new duds

I put a little velvet dress on Sally, and a pearl clip in her hair. The picture doesn't do her justice. I want to get a better camera! LOL.

Cool, they're on the wrong feet!

So, today, I totally put my son's shoes on the wrong feet. LOL.

We were going on the porch to hang out, and since it's cooler out now, we can't go barefoot. I whipped on the shoes like a pro.... and didn't realize until we came back inside, that they were on the WRONG FEET!

We've had a wonderful weekend. Gabey got to hang out with his Auntie Chrissy, while Jeff and I went out on a Sweetest Day date.

We went to the mall and did Build a Bear. When the time came to put the hearts inside the bear, we kissed eachother's hearts. I got an adorable butterscotch bear, and some outfits and shoes, and he got a cool dog, and a basketball outfit, and tennies, and another outfit. Then we went putputting at the indoor place at the mall, which is just the coolest. Everything is blacklight! We glowed.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cleaning up Sally doll, and washing her clothes. I handwashed them with Johnson's baby wash so they'd smell nice. I'll post a picture in the next post of Sally in her dress, and a clip in her hair.
Gabey loved Jeff's dog, and kisses it. Jeff's stressed, because Gabey always wants to touch and kiss it with messy hands and face. LOL. I had to wash another stuffed dog he has because Gabey made the fur all hard from playing with it all messy.

Today, it's been really nice outside, and the midges that have plagued our neighborhood are finally going away, so i swept the bug carcasses off the porch, and the cobwebs (with the unluckier bugs in them) off the porch ceiling. AND, we're finally able to enjoy our porch again. Gabey and I hung out in the back yard, and did our chalk drawings. I have requests every time for "tvuck"? "cah"? and i also drew a long huge train, that he kept crawling on, saying, "choo choo!"
We went for a walk up the street and down, and looked at leaves, and flowers and trees. We saw 2 helicopters "coptoo", and heard the dogs, and birds, and squirrels, and saw cats, and cars, and boats. He was doing a running commentary as we walked. I blew bubbles when we got back, and he raced through them back and forth. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Most Precious Gift

Today is Sweetest Day, a day to show kindness and appreciation to those around us.
I have been given the most valuable gift by the Lord Himself. He showed the greatest kindness in giving His gift of eternal life to me. I have salvation. I have the Lord. That should make Sweetest Day every day for me. I pray that I can learn to be more generous and kind, and I can only hope to someday be more like Him.

My mom and Chrissy came over yesterday, and Mommy came with a most precious gift. I am so touched.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has owned 2 very special dolls. When we were at the house where I grew up, she would display them on the bookshelf in the living room. I would ask to change the "Sally" doll, and she would bring out 2 little red suitcases with black handles, and let me pick out an outfit for Sally. Such lovely little dresses, and socks and shoes. Very delicate. I had to be very careful with Sally. I loved Sally, and would pick her up, and feel her weight, and floppy legs. I would feel so honored being allowed to change her into a new outfit that she would display as she sat on the shelf. I could walk by later and know that I picked it out. Sally has the most gorgeous eyes of any doll. I never liked dolls growing up, but I loved Sally. Her eyes are green like my mom's eyes. I have always loved green eyes the best. Mom was given Sally as a gift from her mom when she was a young girl. Her mom went out to look for a doll that wasn't like any other doll. She found Sally. My mom has treasured her ever since. Sally was her first baby. She would feed it mashed up Lorna Dune cookies, and change her using cut rags that were around the house. Her neighbor made little dresses and outfits for her that fit perfectly.

Yesterday, she brought Sally to me.... and gave her to me. I always knew that when the time came, she would come to live with me, but to have her in my house is just overwhelming. She gave Chrissy her other favorite doll, a ballerina with pointed toes.

Thank you so much, Mom, for giving me the honor again of taking Sally from the shelf and caring for her like I did when I was a little girl. I will always remember what a great and valuable gift you gave me, in giving me the care of this delicate, beautiful, precious doll.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

making friends

Matthew and Sammi

Sammi jumping on the bed in the house where we used to have Bible study.

I love that Gabey is getting to the age where he can really make friends. He and Matthew and Sammi have so much fun together. Last night, after the Bible study, they were all in the kitchen slipping around, and laughing so hard. Gabey was trying to tickle Matthew and Matthew was trying to tickle Gabey. They were awfully loud, and we had to sush them, but I was so happy that they were having so much fun together. Gabey can say Matthew's name, he says
"Mah-yew", and Matthew says "Dabey". It's just such a wonderful feeling, seeing them with eachother.

Monday, October 10, 2005

exploring on columbus day (an outlet mall-lol)

What a fantastic day we've had. My hubbie was off work, so after he had slept in for the first time in a loooong time, we got ready and headed out to Aurora, Ohio to pick up the bike from Ebay. It was a beautiful day and an easy drive. We got the bike, and it's practically brand new, with the manual and everything! How fantastic. Then we went to the Aurora Outlet mall. I'd never been there. It's adorable! There is a quaint windmill, and fake water tower. There is a large lake with ducks and geese that you can feed. Of course, a mall isn't a mall without the rides for the kids. I am the luckiest mom, in that, Gabey doesn't like when we turn the rides on! Saves us .50! we just put him in, and he plays with the steering wheel. He even found a little thomas the tank train on one of them. I figured it replaced the toy bus i left in a cart at JoAnne fabrics last month- lol, so we let him keep it. He was such a good boy, and we had a blast. I finally got that little tupperware storage system, that i've been looking at for months, and we got gabey 4 outfits for $3.00! Such a nice day.

Thank you Columbus for stumbling on the new world, and giving us this holiday, so I could have this little adventure in Aurora.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

new excercise bike- yahoooo

we just won a kathy ireland recumbent excercise bike on ebay!!
we're going to pick it up tomorrow!
i am sooooo psyched!

i made us get regular bikes earlier in the summer, and am sooo out of shape, i can't really even ride. the bike seat with the toddler sitting in it behind me, and the huge hills on my block are just too much right now. i've only ridden a few times, and felt like i was going to have a heart attack. i would stop and play with the baby, hoping no one noticed i was so totally out of breath.

i'm going to work out this winter on this cool new bike, and then i'll be ready when spring comes to go on the bike rides that made me want to get the bikes in the first place.

wish me luck- well, wish me stamina!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

sweetest day, NOT just another valentine's day

Sweetest Day - 10/15 (copied from an article on
Valentine's Day is a holiday of romantic love, but shouldn't there be a holiday that celebrates love in general — the love we feel for friends, family, and sometimes just the world around us?
Herbert Birch Kingston, an employee at a Cleveland, Ohio, candy company during the Great Depression, thought there should be. So Mr. Kingston and a few of his friends got together on a Saturday in October and passed out candy and gifts to the city's orphans, as well as those who were sick or unable to get around. It became an annual tradition known as Sweetest Day, and was simply considered a time to remember others with a kind act. The sort of thing that would make someone say, "That was so sweet of you!"
The third Saturday in October was eventually chosen as the day to acknowledge the holiday. And the purpose for Sweetest Day was broadened to include...well, pretty much everyone, from family members, sweethearts, and co-workers to strangers you might encounter in your daily life.
Sweetest Day is gaining in popularity every year throughout the United States, although it's celebrated a little more in certain regions than others. Detroit, Buffalo, and of course Cleveland have more Sweetest Day celebrations than anywhere else in the country, but the holiday is becoming well known all over the country.
Hallmark carried on Mr. Kingston's sweet legacy by making the first Sweetest Day card in the mid 1960s. We've been helping people like him spread a little extra sweetness ever since. If you agree that the world could always use a little more sweetness, share Sweetest Day with everyone you know!

My wonderful neighbor, and her awesome food :):)

I live in a double, and a new little family moved in next door this spring. And the girl is just the nicest thing. She has one little baby about 9 months old, and is pregnant with her second, about 4 months along (pretty rough on her)
we chat between the porches, and over the summer, I gave her some clothes for her little one. Well, we got to talking one day, and she asked if I would ever try Arabic food, and I'm like, we'll try anything. :):)

so, she's been popping over bringing the most tasty plates of food. She says she tends to make too much, so she brings us what is left! What a sweetie! Her food is awesome! We've had something like a baklava, a lasagna type thing, spinach pies, stuffed cabbage, and chicken on a pita type thing. It's always just a perfect amount for my hubby and me, and the baby. What a blessing for us, as I LOATHE to cook!

I'm racking my brain to think of nice things to do for her. LOL.
last night, I had gabey color a picture, to put with the plates to give back.
it said, "we love your yummy food"

I think I'll give her a nice smelling bath gel. I know when you have a little one, almost the only thing you can do to get away and relax is to take a hot shower. LOL.

how great thou art, got me through the night

i just had the hardest night, thursday night. i was having such anxiety all night, my chest hurt, my arms were going numb. i totally thought i was going to die. i couldn't sleep, and every time, i tried, i had the most horrific nightmares! at one point, i was so scared, from one of them, i laid in bed and sang "how great thou art" in my head, and just prayed. so crazy. i'm sure it's hormones, but it's still the worst feeling in the world.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

pictures of the birthday party in Andrew's backyard

my mom with Yvonne's youngest baby, Charolotte.

Andrew and his friends at his 10th birthday party, following Gabey around. Andrew is an awesome big cousin to him.

playing in their big backyard

Virginia and Katlynn swinging on the rope swing

Christine's Thoughts (my sister's blog)

Christine's Thoughts

sweet! my sister's blog has even more Gabey baby pics!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

touchable bubbles

"Bubboh? Big?" my son adores bubbles, as do most of the toddlers his age. It's just such a fascinating, fleeting thing to watch bubbles magically appear from a little wand. The restraint is always too great, and they must be touched! POP! Oops, oh, here's the next one!

This weekend, I found an ingenious, although pretty gooey, invention. Touchable bubbles. I bought them at a little shop where I was buying birthday presents. I blew them for the baby as soon as we got to my sister's apartment, and it was quite an experience. They really do stay, they are strong little things. Gabey was walking around with them stuck to his hair. They were attached to the stuffed puppy, and all over the carpet. Oops, well, luckilly Chrissy didn't mind. When i touched them, they reminded me of slimy glue. ick. Only for outside, from now on. LOL. At my nephew's birthday party, he and his friends blew some of them, and were standing around with them stuck to their arms. I was happy to have something of interest to a 10 year old and his friends.

I'm still partial to the regular bubbles. I blow them in the house all the time for the baby. My mom came over, and was surprised. She had never thought of blowing them in the house. I figure, it's just soap, it won't bother anything, and whatever it touches at least is a bit cleaner for the experience.

Our dining room (made into a sitting room) is the best place in the house for bubbles, because of our huge ceiling fan. I blow the bubbles and the fan sucks them up, and wisks them around the room, in a crazy circle. It's also wonderful to see the bubble travelling upwards, instead of instantly down to the carpet.

"Bubboh, pee?" (bubbles, please?)
"anytime, sweety!"