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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Car Show 2008 part 2 (rest of the show)

Gabey inside a HUMMER!!
in a hummer

I LOVE Hummers!!
inside a red hummer

Such a Cheese!
oh i love this hummer

See a VW trend? ROTFL!
That's ok, these are my favorite cars too. Gabey has GREAT taste!
and a red bug

and a white bug

Back to the Future!!
Car Show 2008

UMMM, yet another VW Bug. woohooo!
Gabey and a Bug

Old Timey Car
I thought this was awesome! The little plaque on the right is a Bible verse!
Cool old timey car

Car Show 2008 part one HERBIE

This was such a great car show!! Gabey had so much fun!
Here are some pics from the car show....

This was the biggest thing for Gabey. There was a Herbie at the show, and he just hung around there for so long. He didn't want to leave. I was talking to the owner, and he let Gabey come in the tape, and visit with Herbie up close, and even get inside! It's a very rare, special thing that he did that for Gabey, and I'm sure Gabey will remember it for years.


I can't believe I'm next to Herbie!
Gabey loves Herbie

Back of Herbie with mini remote control herbie in back
Back of Herbie

Gabey didn't want to leave. He just sat down right in the aisleway!
Sitting with Herbie

The owner was so awesome! He let Gabey get inside, and touch Herbie!
The owner let Gabey see Herbie!!

I'm INSIDE Herbie!!
I'm inside Herbie!

He looked so sweet just touching Herbie with so much love.
Oh Herbie, I love you!

On Herbie's Bumper
on Herbie's bumper

He was so disappointed when we said we had to leave, and go to the rest of the show. He cried!
No, i don't want to leave Herbie!!

Gideon in his new Bumbo

Playing with girraffe in bumbo

i love this pic


Beachwood Place

Some awesome person on Jeffie's route gave him a gift card to Beachwood Place. It's a really ritzy mall. We had a really nice outing.

This is a racing car store! I wish the pic had turned out better. You can do parties here, and build your own race car, and then RACE with it!
racing car store at Beachwood

Mommy, there's a TREE down there!
there's a tree down there!

Look at the size of this pizza!
this pizza is HUGE

me and giddy
me and giddy at beachwood mall

orchids in the food court

giddy with a bunny from the Papyrus store
cute bunny from papyrus store

cool skylight at beachwood place

gabey's taxi from the racing store
see my new car?

clock from the mall
Clock at Beachwood Place

Saturday Outings

Chrissy and I have been doing a cool Saturday thing. We go to Dairy Queen for lunch, and then to Southpark mall.

Here are some pics of Gabey's favorite trains.

Dairy Queen Train Closeup

Gabey watching Dairy Queen Train

Southpark Train

Gabey in Southpark Train


jeffie got his letter from the post office!!!

as of this next saturday, he's FULL TIME!!!

this means...

he'll get a day off during the week, on a rotating schedule IE.. mon. one week, tue. the next week

he'll only do overtime when he signs up for it, they can't make him do it.
he gets his vacation time up front.

he'll get paid for holidays.

he won't have to do collections (a junky job that they give ptf employees) it keeps him at work til 5:30, (and on weds, he doesn't come home in time for us to get ready for church.)

he'll finally get to bid out of that station!! hopefully to some nice place on the west side.woohoo!!
I'm so proud of my mailman!! He's worked so hard. He's been there for almost 4 years now, so it's been a long time coming. WOOHOOO!!!!!!

Gevalia Coffee YUMMMM

this is so funny! I got a package in the mail, and got all excited thinking that Jeffie had ordered Gevalia again for me.....

but it was for Bobby! ROTFL. It made me start thinking about Gevalia again, and I decided to check it out again. I figured it was still just suspended (we asked to cancel a while ago, and she just put it on hold for a while.) but it had stopped, and I got to sign up AGAIN!! Which means I got all their free stuff. WOHOOO!!

It's just the best coffee around, and they have the BEST deal for trying their coffee! You get a free coffeemaker! and you can keep it, and cancel whenever you want. It's just about 22.00 to start, and you get sooo much stuff!
I got a coffeemaker, a caraffe, and a travel mug, for the regular membership. I could cancel next month, and keep all that, but their coffee is the best i've ever had, I really missed it, when we stopped.
Plus, I signed up for an additional "signature blend" membership, and got a 2 person coffee maker!! It was like CHRISTMAS when they all came in the mail. lol!

Let me know if you'd like to try it too! I think I get something for referring people. WOOHOOO!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Started Etsy

I opened an online craft shop at the Etsy site.
My address is
I've named my little store Mommy's Craft Box.
I have a few things up already.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


My mom referred me to this awesome site for families, called Zwaggle.

It is a site where you go "shopping" with points, not money. You get points by "selling for points" your unused kid's (or family's) things. It's so easy, I've already gotten zwaggled items, and have posted things to sell.
You can either pick an item up, if they live in your area, or you can have them ship it to you. There are some cool things on right now, like game systems, and games, etc. There are a ton of kid's clothes, and toys. What a fun way to get rid of your unwanted things, and be able to "trade" them in for new-to-you things in the process!

Just Click this link for your referral.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Cards

Gabey and I made Valentine's Day Cards yesterday, and had such a good time.
I used oragami paper, and cut out jewelry from a catalog. Then we just glued it on with a note that says, "You're a real gem!"




Home and Garden Show 08

I got to go to the Home and Garden show twice this year! I'm a lucky girl, lol. We went to my mom, sister, and Shelly, on Thursday for Shelley's birthday. I saw so many things I liked. I didn't bring my camera though. But, on Saturday evening, Jeffie took me again, and we walked around, and had a great time. I only took a few pics, I wish my memory card worked. I'm going to have to get another one, this only taking 20 pics at a time is for the birds, LOL.

I got another flexi8 hairclip, and some dip spices and a dip cooler dish, and salsa. We also got some spaghettie sauce from Stancattos.

We also talked to a guy who does interlocking log houses!! It's absolutely our dream to live farther out in the country, and have a cabin style house.


It was an Italian theme with villas, and everything. I wish I had my manual camera with me, I'll have to remember that for next time. But the lighting is so weird, all the pictures turn out yellowy, and dark. It's so gorgeous to look around there, and to smell all the hyacinths!!

Sandwich Cutters!

I was so excited to order these sandwich cutters from Lakeside Collection!
The minute we got them in the mail, Gabey asked for a sandwich. LOL.
We also have a pumpkin cookie cutter that makes a great sandwich shape.



I had to keep Gideon home from Gabey's apointment at the Clinic today. His cough is just too bad. I don't want him to get worse, and I don't want any of the kids there to catch his cough.
So, it's Valentine's Day. Jeff is at the Clinic with Gabey for him to get his LP with MTX and Vincristine. It's weird not being with them, but it's better this way.
I woke to a balloon, a pretty purple crocus, candle, red glass dish, and a HUGE box of chocolates!! Can you imagine? I'll take pics later, right now, Jeffie has the camera with him.

Later today, Jeffie and I will go out, and Chrissy will spend time with the kids. I'm looking forward to that.

Here are some pics from the past few weeks....

Gideon's Dr. Appt. on Sat. I took him in to have them listen to his cough...
Here is Gabey in the cubby!

Then we went to the mall! Southpark is just so cool, they recently renovated, and the whole place is so posh.
Poor Gabey missed out on a whole year of riding in these cars. He was so excited to go in one.

Cutie Giddy at the mall.

Gabey running on the mall hill.


Gideon can go in the megasaucer already!




He just looks so cute in all his outfits!!