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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's been a While

I've missed you. I haven't been able to blog for a while.
A lot has been going on. i'm going to paste a few exerpts from my message board for you....

i've had this pain for too long, and i've talked myself out of getting it checked too many times.i'll let you know how it goes on monday, and if they find anything's not just muscle pain, it's more than that, and it's just got me worried.the sides of my stomach are tender to the touch, and the whole area around my lower back, and hips just hurt all the time.

went in to the ER on saturday night, and got all the tests done, the urine, blood, and CAT scan. they all came back ok, but i might have a UTI, they found white blood cells in my urine. i'm still going to the dr. today.

it was a really bad night, i had the worst tension headache, and wanted to puke all night. i had to drink all that contrast for the Cat scan, and it tasted like bile. they had the hardest time getting my vein for the IV, and they poked i think 7 times- and blew out 4 of the veins. it was horrible. i got through the CAT scan and THEN puked. i was so glad i was able to keep the stuff in til after.
i got home around midnight, and just went to bed, i didn't even have the energy to take any meds until 3am, so i had the headache until then.

i was so relieved that they didn't find anything in the CAT, i was getting myself so worried that it was my appendix or cancer or something. so, now i can go to the dr. and get more info

these are the bruises from some of the IV attempts. These are from the veins that blew out. They were pretty swollen, but they're healing nicely, even though they look horrible.
bruising right arm from IV attempts at ER

bruising left arm from IV attempts at ER
i went in today, and my OB dr. did a pelvic exam, and we talked. my reproductive organs are in great shape, so that isn't it.

i'm so thankful!

but... that means that my questions aren't really answered. he said i might want to go to a GI dr. to get checked out.

i decided to call my family doctor when we get our taxes this week, and try to get in right away. then she can refer me to a GI dr. that she recommends.

it's pretty bad, i'm all bloated and gassy all the time, and my whole middle section just hurts.

you would have been proud of me though, i actually drew pictures, and brought them with me, when I went to the ER, and my OB. my family doctor is a sweetie, and she'll work with me, i'd rather see her than a dr i don't know. then she can order the tests and refer me etc.
i'll let you know later this week what's going on.
i have a feeling it's something with my intestines.

gabey's sick. he's got a sinus thing going on, and yesterday he had a fever, so we had to take him into the doctor's....

praise the Lord, his counts were high enough that he didn't have to be admitted. it's the rule for fevers that if their counts are below 1000, they get admitted for 2 days automatically. phew, his counts were wonderful. so they just gave him an antibiotic, and we were able to go home. they did a culture with his blood, and will let us know if we need to bring him in again for a different antibiotic.

he is just really under the weather poor thing. draining and runny nose like crazy (clear though, thankfully) and he's coughing from all the draining. his lymph nodes are swollen, and he's got fluid in his ears.
i've been giving him benedryl, and tylonol, and he has been sleeping really well. we have the humidifier fish tank next to him here in the living room, and we have him sleeping in our chez, so he can be elevated.

Here is gabey with his new fish tank humidifier.
our new humidifier gabey is sick

i felt like the yellow car toddler bed was getting too small for gabey, and i've been on the lookout for a twin carbed. the step 2 ones are about 300.00, and the little tykes are almost that much, i think.
both are selling on ebay for over 100.00-200.00

i found one on craigslist for....


i'm about to upload pics.
I found it on saturday night, and emailed them right away,and we picked it up yesterday! i didn't want it to slip out of our hands, it was too good to pass up.

we need a twin mattress, but i just put comforters and pillows around the toddler mattress for now.
He adores it!

i don't know what brand it is, but it's nice and sturdy, and looks so nice.

i didn't ask, but it came from a smokey home, but that smell will wear off easily, it's mostly plastic anyway.

car bed all set up

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charles gould said...

I am trying to find a little tykes step 2 VW toddlers bed. Do you still have your yellow one, and if so, is it for sale? Please respond to
Thank you.