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Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm on Bunspace now.

I'm mostly doing my blogging about Frappie there. She's doing great.


We worked on our patio the other day. We brought flagstones from the backyard, and river stones from the front yard, and got something together.

Bunny Days of Summer

It's been a good and bad summer. Gabey's doing great. He's healthy and energetic, and wonderful. We go to our appointment once a month, and other than that, we just have daily medicines to give. We're all waiting patiently for Make a Wish in September.
Financially, it's been pretty yucky. Our van got reposessed. I'm bitter about that, and am just working on getting past it. It's been a hard summer for that reason. I have been without my vehicle, and it makes for a lonnng day sometimes. Jeff is being helpful now, and is starting to take the bus a few times a week, so i can have the car. We are catching up, and just really having to watch ourselves. God has been taking care of us. People have been giving us money, and the church pantry is helpful for food.

Giddy is awesome! He's getting all over the living room in his own hillarious tumble weed way. He can sit up from laying down now, and is in the beginnings of a crawl.

We're having a great time with Frappie, I brought her back up to the living room, and every day I block it off, and let her run around the living room with us. I also have a great play yard that I made from the pen from downstairs. She's a really smart bunny, and is very trainable. I like that.




Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mini Outing

Jeffie got home at around 6 from work, and it was a nice day out. So, we ran to Giant Eagle and got some picnic stuff, and went to the playground by our library. It was just such a nice evening. Jeffie and I had salads, and Gabey had a lunchable. He played on a bouncy racer the whole time. Giddy tried Gerber stars for the first time. I got video on my phone, but can't send it. He looked so adorable gumming the little stars, and gripping a star in both hands. He still made me feed them to him this time.

Everything just ran pretty smoothly, and that doesn't often happen lately, LOL.
Even when we got home bedtime was pleasant. Giddy just wanted his nightime bottle, and to be rocked as usual, and he dropped off to sleep easily. We have yet to see if Gabey's sleep will come as readily. Jeff is in there now. He's such a big boy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

one good thing

well, one good thing about our yard so far, lol. the grass grew back just great, and you can't even really tell there was a huge valley a month ago. lol.

the rest of the yard is still a mess. it's been too hot to work out there, and i haven't had the energy to tackle all the things that need to be done.

i did get the rose bush out from under the front tree, but it died in the transplanting. :(

we have had some great cookouts and campfires so far this year though. that's been so nice. every saturday, we've started the fire in the fire pit, and had such nice visits with my sister and brother.

some recent pics

here are some pics from a deer we saw in the neighbor's yard.

giddy, food painting, lol.

i've started putting ice in his old baby socks, lol. they make great teethers.

Frappie may have a new home

i posted on my rabbit forum about wanting someone from there to adopt frappie. and a great girl with 2 companion bunnies from michigan responded. she may be able to come on saturday to see frappie.when i got frappie, i really had the plan to make her a house bunny. she had her own room, and it was wonderful. now, with the 2 boys, and gabey being sick, she's just not getting the life i want for her. it's an OK life, lol.. i mean, she's fine, but if i can get someone to have her that will let her roam around and play, and have salads, and all the cool stuff i wanted for her, that would be's just stressful with her, gabey keeps messing around with her in her cage. he pokes her, and thinks it's hillarious when she growls at him. yikes. he puts all kinds of weird things through the bars at her. and she eats them! poor her. i don't really have the extra money to get her food and bedding and stuff, so that would be a load off, if she were adopted.i don't really feel badly about having her go somewhere else. it's my family first. and my stress level, lol.maybe when the kids are a lot older, i'll get another rabbit. i really like having her.