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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frappie may have a new home

i posted on my rabbit forum about wanting someone from there to adopt frappie. and a great girl with 2 companion bunnies from michigan responded. she may be able to come on saturday to see frappie.when i got frappie, i really had the plan to make her a house bunny. she had her own room, and it was wonderful. now, with the 2 boys, and gabey being sick, she's just not getting the life i want for her. it's an OK life, lol.. i mean, she's fine, but if i can get someone to have her that will let her roam around and play, and have salads, and all the cool stuff i wanted for her, that would be's just stressful with her, gabey keeps messing around with her in her cage. he pokes her, and thinks it's hillarious when she growls at him. yikes. he puts all kinds of weird things through the bars at her. and she eats them! poor her. i don't really have the extra money to get her food and bedding and stuff, so that would be a load off, if she were adopted.i don't really feel badly about having her go somewhere else. it's my family first. and my stress level, lol.maybe when the kids are a lot older, i'll get another rabbit. i really like having her.

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