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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Input Output

I was at the game store with my family last night, and was just so disturbed at all the graphically violent games. I don't understand why we think we can feed this to our kids and young adults day after day, and not have it show up in their lives at some point.

The old song says it so well....

"Input, Output
What goes in is what comes out
Input Output
That is what it's all about
Input Output
Your mind is a computer who's
Input Output
Daily you must choose."

The Computer Song by Daywind Kidz

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Coyote, Baby Geese, and other Fine Friends

Jeffie has been off all week, and it's just been so nice having him around. We went to the park on Monday, and I got some great photos of a coyote that wandered into our picnic site. The boys played with little foam airplanes, and bubbles, and I collected pine cones for a Sunday school craft. Giddy was ornery, and spent quite a bit of time in time out under a tree.

Tuesday, we went to the zoo, and though it started out stressful, the day turned out to be fantastic. It was really crowded with lots of school field trips, and other visitors. I thought it may not be as bad because it seemed like it was going to rain the whole time we were there, and it was really chilly. I hate crowds. I don't know why I get so upset being in a crowd. It's just the way I've always been. I remember being in plays, and whenever they had the meet and greet out in the lobby, I'd always find a way to sneak off. Parties were never the way for me. I'd be the one in another room off by myself. I'm thankful that the day loosened up, and we got to visit almost every section of the zoo. The boys had a great time, and I loved being with Jeff. I made it a point to leave my camera at home, so I wouldn't slip into my artist mode, and forget to enjoy the day with my family. I wanted to pay attention to them, and not the pretty photos I could get. <3 I've actually done that a lot this week, so you'll just have to trust me when I say this has been a great week, with gorgeous moments. haha.

Wednesday was a nothing day. I didn't feel too hot, and laid down for some of the afternoon, and we just hung around the apartment for the day.

Thursday, we had to go to Gabriel's oncology appointment for his blood draw. We'll need some prayer, because they found that his red blood cells have been steadily getting higher since he went off chemo. They said it could be as simple as him not getting enough fluids, which is totally possible. They took his pulse ox, and next appointment in 2 months (ugh so long to wait) they'll do more blood tests, and an ekg and ultrasound of his belly. We're praying that by the next appointment, his counts will have gotten lower, and we'll find out that it really is just low fluids. I find myself stopping and getting stressed, and I just start praying for my little man. It's all I need to do. We're giving Gabe his own water jug to make sure he finishes it every day, besides the milk and other things he drinks.

After the appointment, we decided to make the day nicer, so we went and had lunch at Wendy's, and played at Lakewood park for a while. They have a huge playground, and a walkway down to the lake. Then we went to the Lake Erie Nature Center. Gideon was his usual self, and when we were crossing the little rock path across the fish pond, he plopped down, and stuck his feet right in. Ugh. I also caught him crawling over the fence to get closer to the animal exhibit. This kid is a trial. Lol. We loved the animal exhibits, and the cool bee exhibit. The weather was awesome, and the drive to all these places was very nice.

Friday, we dropped the boys off at Patty Nanna's house to spend the night, and Patty's daughter was there with her kids. So, the boys had lots of kids to play with. Jeff took me to Pill the Fire for lunch, and we tried fried green tomatoes! YUM! and I had turkey meatloaf, grilled broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes. What a cool place! We kind of just hung around after that. We drove around, and stopped at the park to sit for a while, and we spent time just hanging around the apartment. Man, was it quiet.

This morning, I ended up waking up at 6am, and not being able to get back to sleep, so I went to Walmart for some breakfast stuff. I saw some sweet goose families, and put my hazards on in the Lowes drive- though, so I could take some photos. Ha ha. I don't think we have anything planned for today, it's a gorgeous day out though, so whatever happens, will be fine with me. <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That Says it All

A rose can say "I love you",
orchids can enthrall,
but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
yes, that says it all.
-author unknown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keep it up Kirk

So, why is it that everyone has a right and privileged to speak out except those who hold Christian views, and old fashioned moral standards? The country is rushing to show that they're tolerant... but really they're showing extreme Intolerance. A fine man with a great testimony has shared his honest opinion, personal opinion, on his views of gay marriage. Kirk Cameron got blasted. Why? Why is it soooo wrong for someone like Kirk to share his opinion like that? He never spoke meanly about any person, he spoke about an act. He does not support gay marriage... and why should he be forced to? Where is REAL free speech? It's in the hands of the liberals who have been pushing the demise of morals for decades.

Kirk Defends Views on Gay Marriage

This week, my boy came home from the Eagle's Nest at the grocery store, a little place where they care for the kids while moms shop, with some fake toy food that he had stuffed in his pockets. Now.... Do I hate my son, now that I know he's stolen? (he is only 4, this is an exaggerated example to show a point) He is a thief! He steals.
No, of course not! I love my son. I know that what he does will never define Who he IS. He is a boy who stole. So, what should I do? If i were to say... "oh honey, that's just how you were born, the store will never miss those few little things, don't worry about it." Be honest with yourself... isn't the urge to steal a totally naturally inborn trait? So, if I were to let it go, and not teach that it is a sin, and it is wrong, he would grow up feeling justified in his action, would he not? I can not do that. I must teach him that stealing is wrong, and is a sin. (and i must point out that sin is sin, whether it hurts or even involves other people or not)

Transfer those ideas to the gay lifestyle, and you notice that for decades now, people in the media, teachers, and parents have been teaching their children that having relations with people of the same sex is totally normal, and acceptable. These children are growing up, not seeing it as a sin, and feeling justified in making that choice. I will stand on this thought... people will be attracted to WHOMEVER or WHATEVER they ALLOW themselves to be attracted to. It is in our human nature to be sexual creatures, and if we allow ourselves, we can dream up all kinds of actions that are outside the moral law of one man one woman, sex AFTER marriage. Sexual desires are base instincts. A man who will open himself up to the possibility is capable of choosing anything. It is in truth inborn, BECAUSE it is a sin, and we are born to sin. We are born choosing against God. It is in our nature.

So, would I say.. if my son chose to be gay when he grows up... he's just gay... that's him, and I will accept and support his lifestyle? Um... no. Sorry, to all the liberals who just had a heart attack. I would not. His ACTION is not who HE is. He is a human, and my son. His choice to be gay would be the sin that he's chosen, and I would not support that. Would I stop loving him? Of course not. Would I kick him to the curb? no. Would I try to help him see that the action he's choosing is wrong, and sinful? absolutely. Would I urge him to turn from it, and ask to be forgiven? YES.

I deal with a besetting sin called PRIDE. It is a sin that for the most part won't affect other people unless I actually do something to them. I still know that my pride is a sin. (not self worth, or self confidence in the gifts God has given, that's different) Pride doesn't define me. I am not PRIDE. I choose to feel pride.

I also can be selfish. That is a sin... but that is not who I am. It is a sin that comes very naturally, and is inborn. I simply need work to keep pride and selfishness out of my life. (I fail miserably) Should I choose to just start teaching that those things are just fine, and natural, so that I can keep acting on them? No. I need to work on myself. Will i spend my days resenting everyone else who think it's a sin, and tell them not to judge me? No. I judge myself every day.

We are confusing the sin with the sinner. The act with the person who is doing the action. We are trying to make them inseparable in this society, and ultimately condemning the person wholly. The liberal groups are guilty of this, but also the conservative groups. If you make the sin and the sinner inseparable, then there is no room to hate the sin, but love the person who acts in that sin.

I haven't really brought Christ into this yet, but anyone who reads my blog, knows that I believe that Christ  CARES a great deal about us. He absolutely never told the woman at the well that her sexual sins were ok... he simply said.. I won't condemn you either "Go and SIN NO MORE."

It's getting late, and I need to wind down now. I hope that we can all work on ourselves. We each have so much to work on. We shouldn't be afraid to strive for the right, to live right.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photographer's Advice

I love Pinterest. It's a sweet, benign online bulletin board. I don't make money off these little digital photos I repin, or find online and pin. So, I don't understand why on earth people are getting so buggy. I'm hearing about people suing Pinterest users for pinning their work. Well, put a watermark on it that says "DO NOT PIN!" or "COPYRIGHT" make it clear that you don't want your photo used. 

If you don't, then you simply have to be ready for it to be shared across the internet. Google images pulls up every random image from every random website at the first second of typing a word. People just want to enjoy your photo. They're not making copies and selling them for someone's wall. 

I would be flattered. Chalk it up to free publicity. 
Watermark the photo with your website, or blog, or your name. Claim it. 

Friday, March 09, 2012

I Want to be an Eyebomber!

Eyebombing is putting google eyes on random objects in order to make that inanimate object look like a face. What a fun way to brighten someone's day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We all Need a Little More Compassion

What's holding me back? I've always wanted to be involved in programs like Compassion, and Kids Against Hunger. I get stirred while I read the articles and see the photos, and think "someday". But WHY not now?

I have so many excuses. "I'm bad with money." "There's not enough to live on, AND give away too." "I'm not even consistent with my tithe, or faith promise at church, how can I start something new?"

I need to pray. Maybe you'll pray for me? Pray that I can start being consistent with my giving, that I can see my heart for what it is... selfish.

I prayed last year to be able to make my own money, so I could give to faith promise missions... and the Lord brought in the sales on Etsy... and what did I do with it? Only a handful of the profit actually went where it was supposed to go. I use the excuse that I'm bad with money, what an excuse. It's that excuse that enables me to spend without keeping track. I do it on purpose, because I don't want to own up to it. I don't want to be given a ceiling on the spending, to be told no (even by myself.) The money trickles in from sales, and I just let it trickle right through my fingers, instead of holding onto it, and using it the way I prayed for.

This year, I need to get a hold of this sin in my heart, and give it to God. I need to stop holding on to it.

How about you? How are you doing in this area? We'll pray together.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mike Stimpson- and his Photographic World of FUN!

Does this blog post need anything more? Mike's photos don't need words.

Turtle Eating Strawberry

I found this adorable photo online of a baby turtle eating a strawberry. I'm not sure where it originated, but I just had to make the turtle talk.

Quiet Evening after the Party

I goofed off with my camera after the boys went to bed, and the family left last night. Here are a few goofy photos I took.

testing out the manual focus 
my love, playing the Wii

my beauteous balloon. 

jeffie's collection of laser crystals

balloons from Chrissy, she got one for me, Giddy, and Gabey

Grandma Dot Came to do Crafts with us

I adore my mom. I am so very thankful to have her. She had a sleepover the other day, and brought crafts! I made the corndog muffins for lunch, and well, they turned out passable. I think the reason MAY be that the box of mix was way expired...oops. Yeah, I need to check those things.

Happy Weekend

We're having a great weekend so far. I got my new camera in the mail, and have been playing with it the past two days. Yesterday, my brother brought his friend, Emily, over for her birthday. He made a really tasty ice cream cake. We made cold cut wraps for dinner, and watched Tangled.  Emily was so sweet, and brought me some bright daisies. 

I'm also showing off my Valentine flowers too. I love balloons! I love flowers! I love my hubbie! Giddy and I were able to play Valentine Santa during the day. I made Jeffie eggs and toast for breakfast. We brought lunch to Jeff on his mail route, then we brought Gabey a present and a snack, and finally, we took my sister, Chrissy, flowers at her office in the church. Jeffie had institute in the evening, so Chrissy and I took the boys to Chic- Fil- A, for their kids night.

and i put the ketchup out, because i knew.. lol.

my camera came in the mail! yeah, the box is HUGE. it was actually a whole kit, with almost everything I need

have i mentioned that i really like our geese? lol.

So, here are some random photos with my new camera. I'm quite intimidated by it. I'm used to goofy point and shoots. I've got a lot to learn.

my gorgeous valentine flowers.

i love how they made the grass into hearts

i had fun taking goofy pics of giddy through the glass, with his eye all huge, and his nose pressed to the glass

man down!

a rare blue cleveland sky

bobby's ice cream cake for his friend emily

emily's pretty present