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Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Greetings from North Carolina

Greetings from North Carolina
I've gotten so used to using Facebook, that I totally forgot about my blog. My mom sent me the link, and I can't believe it's been so long since I updated. So much has happened. I am very thankful for the changes, and blessed that some things never change. Jeff is still a carrier at the post office, but last summer, he was able to get a transfer to Southern Pines, North Carolina. It's been our prayer for quite a few years to be able to move somewhere more temperate. Delivering mail through feet of snow, in sub zero temperatures is definitely rough. The move has been such a great change for us. We found a great church, and school, which made the transition much easier. We miss family so much, but I honestly don't miss Cleveland at all. The sun here is so friendly, visiting pretty much every day. I really feel like my mood has lifted so much since moving here, especially this winter. It hasn't really felt like winter at all, until this week. It's been kind of like autumn the whole time, with sunny days and warmer temperatures quite often.
This week was our first taste of winter here.

Pardon me. Your feeder is getting low.
First Snow since moving to North Carolina.
It was more like a sheet of white ice, 

In their defense, Moore county has a whopping 3 snow plows for the entire area, they couldn't clear the roads, and there was a lot of ice. Compared to Cleveland, it was just a dusting, but because the ice couldn't be cleared, things still slowed down a lot. Jeff still had to go in to work, but the boys had snow days all week, and a delay for today. 

My friend, Kristi, was complaining about how wacko the area was about rushing to the store for supplies in anticipation of the "blizzard". She mentioned that all the milk and bread was disappearing off the shelves, and then posted this meme. It cracked me up! 

I found this photo too, and thought it was so fitting....

I had just posted this gorgeous photo of the buds popping out on the tree outside our apartment...

and just a day or 2 later, the poor tree was like this...

I'll close out this post, because Jeffie just came home with pizza for our Friday Pizza and Night.