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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We all Need a Little More Compassion

What's holding me back? I've always wanted to be involved in programs like Compassion, and Kids Against Hunger. I get stirred while I read the articles and see the photos, and think "someday". But WHY not now?

I have so many excuses. "I'm bad with money." "There's not enough to live on, AND give away too." "I'm not even consistent with my tithe, or faith promise at church, how can I start something new?"

I need to pray. Maybe you'll pray for me? Pray that I can start being consistent with my giving, that I can see my heart for what it is... selfish.

I prayed last year to be able to make my own money, so I could give to faith promise missions... and the Lord brought in the sales on Etsy... and what did I do with it? Only a handful of the profit actually went where it was supposed to go. I use the excuse that I'm bad with money, what an excuse. It's that excuse that enables me to spend without keeping track. I do it on purpose, because I don't want to own up to it. I don't want to be given a ceiling on the spending, to be told no (even by myself.) The money trickles in from sales, and I just let it trickle right through my fingers, instead of holding onto it, and using it the way I prayed for.

This year, I need to get a hold of this sin in my heart, and give it to God. I need to stop holding on to it.

How about you? How are you doing in this area? We'll pray together.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mike Stimpson- and his Photographic World of FUN!

Does this blog post need anything more? Mike's photos don't need words.

Turtle Eating Strawberry

I found this adorable photo online of a baby turtle eating a strawberry. I'm not sure where it originated, but I just had to make the turtle talk.

Quiet Evening after the Party

I goofed off with my camera after the boys went to bed, and the family left last night. Here are a few goofy photos I took.

testing out the manual focus 
my love, playing the Wii

my beauteous balloon. 

jeffie's collection of laser crystals

balloons from Chrissy, she got one for me, Giddy, and Gabey

Grandma Dot Came to do Crafts with us

I adore my mom. I am so very thankful to have her. She had a sleepover the other day, and brought crafts! I made the corndog muffins for lunch, and well, they turned out passable. I think the reason MAY be that the box of mix was way expired...oops. Yeah, I need to check those things.

Happy Weekend

We're having a great weekend so far. I got my new camera in the mail, and have been playing with it the past two days. Yesterday, my brother brought his friend, Emily, over for her birthday. He made a really tasty ice cream cake. We made cold cut wraps for dinner, and watched Tangled.  Emily was so sweet, and brought me some bright daisies. 

I'm also showing off my Valentine flowers too. I love balloons! I love flowers! I love my hubbie! Giddy and I were able to play Valentine Santa during the day. I made Jeffie eggs and toast for breakfast. We brought lunch to Jeff on his mail route, then we brought Gabey a present and a snack, and finally, we took my sister, Chrissy, flowers at her office in the church. Jeffie had institute in the evening, so Chrissy and I took the boys to Chic- Fil- A, for their kids night.

and i put the ketchup out, because i knew.. lol.

my camera came in the mail! yeah, the box is HUGE. it was actually a whole kit, with almost everything I need

have i mentioned that i really like our geese? lol.

So, here are some random photos with my new camera. I'm quite intimidated by it. I'm used to goofy point and shoots. I've got a lot to learn.

my gorgeous valentine flowers.

i love how they made the grass into hearts

i had fun taking goofy pics of giddy through the glass, with his eye all huge, and his nose pressed to the glass

man down!

a rare blue cleveland sky

bobby's ice cream cake for his friend emily

emily's pretty present

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Win a Set of My Rope Crayons! February Giveaway

I sell my famous rope crayons on Etsy (wellll, they're not famous, but someday, I hope they will be. haha.)
Today, I woke up thinking... Hey,  I should do a giveaway! 

I will give a set of Rainbow Heart Rope Crayons to one lucky person who "follows" my blog, and leaves a comment. Join on my side bar to the right ----->

I will use high tech means to determine the random winner... (I'll have my son pick a number out of a bowl.) This Giveaway will run until the end of the February.. so comment!! 

Get one additional comment for "liking" my facebook page, 

and another additional comment for "favoriting" my shop on Etsy. :) 
Simply, put a comment for each task you complete, and get another chance at winning. Of course, if you have already done these tasks, add your comment that you already did it. <3

You know you want one!

Attached to a colorful rope, so you don't lose hearts
Just as pretty upside down

Look how much crayon you get? aren't they huge??