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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Weekend

We're having a great weekend so far. I got my new camera in the mail, and have been playing with it the past two days. Yesterday, my brother brought his friend, Emily, over for her birthday. He made a really tasty ice cream cake. We made cold cut wraps for dinner, and watched Tangled.  Emily was so sweet, and brought me some bright daisies. 

I'm also showing off my Valentine flowers too. I love balloons! I love flowers! I love my hubbie! Giddy and I were able to play Valentine Santa during the day. I made Jeffie eggs and toast for breakfast. We brought lunch to Jeff on his mail route, then we brought Gabey a present and a snack, and finally, we took my sister, Chrissy, flowers at her office in the church. Jeffie had institute in the evening, so Chrissy and I took the boys to Chic- Fil- A, for their kids night.

and i put the ketchup out, because i knew.. lol.

my camera came in the mail! yeah, the box is HUGE. it was actually a whole kit, with almost everything I need

have i mentioned that i really like our geese? lol.

So, here are some random photos with my new camera. I'm quite intimidated by it. I'm used to goofy point and shoots. I've got a lot to learn.

my gorgeous valentine flowers.

i love how they made the grass into hearts

i had fun taking goofy pics of giddy through the glass, with his eye all huge, and his nose pressed to the glass

man down!

a rare blue cleveland sky

bobby's ice cream cake for his friend emily

emily's pretty present

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