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Monday, February 06, 2012

Bowtie Bliss Pasta

Is is Martha that says, "It's a good thing."? 
That's what pasta is. Ha ha.

This meal came about when I ran out of cheese. Horrors!
I threw in a bunch of stuff that I thought would give it taste, and it turned out great. Very Thankful.
Usually, I'm happy if a meal is edible. It's my motto... It may not be amazing, but it's edible. Ha ha!
I'm not a recipe maker, I'm like my grandma. I just throw stuff in. I have no measurements.

Cook the pasta
Throw in the black olives, cut tomato, sliced ham (I used deli sliced- 'cause it's what I had)
Mix in Olive Oil (oh yum)
I used a little bit of the garlic you get in the jar
Salt and Pepper (whatever. just season it however you want. haha.)

Let it all simmer down. Next time, I'll use more tomato. I was just using what I had at the time, and the tomato cooks down. I hope you find this pasta meal as yummy as I did. It's nice and simple, and THAT'S a good thing!

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