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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Organizing Hats and Tshirts

I am seriously not caught up yet? Ugh, I'm never going to make it. This has been a marathon of posts. I think I broke a record.  I'm still posting the photos that have been stored on my camera since last November, since I finally got a memory adapter to transfer them to the computer.

So, little by little, I've been working the new apartment to get it organized, and tidy. I'm getting so many great ideas from the internet. I was browsing Walmart and came across these great baseball hat hangers that strapped to the door. After thinking about it for a minute... I thought, I can do something like that. $2.00 later, I have my thrifty hat hanger. Twine and binder clips keep my son's hats and my hubby's hats organized and not in a pile in the closet. I wrapped the twine all the way around the door, so there's actually room on the other side of the door, where I put some ties before I found a tie solution, which I will have to post about another time.

I bought more Idea Cubes (I don't even know the current name, they used to be called that.)
I love these. They are so versatile. I used them for years as bunny habitats. I recently used some as feather displays at a craft show. Now, instead of having to dig in the drawer, or closet, Jeff can show off his Tshirt collection. It's easy to stock, and easy to find what you're looking for.

Have you seen these great crystal cut cubes? My hubbie has a nice little collection of these too. They're fun for the whole family, it seems. Ha Ha.

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