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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Almost Caught Up, Crafts and Chocolate, Tapi and Geese

I had to show off a Julie cupcake. She's a cupcake artist at our church. Her cupcakes are scrumptious.
This one is spumoni, and I enjoyed it with Bear Claw ice cream. 

i love the tail mark on the right side of this photo. haha.

on the roof

This wonderful little device is called a Tapi, from DreamFarm. It was only $5.95 plus shipping, and it turns any faucet into a drinking fountain! You can buy it here!

One of the cool crafts we did last month was painting with condensed milk! It sounded so weird, but I just had to try it. You just put in a drop of food coloring into a bit of condensed milk! Simple. It paints smoothly, and dries shiny!

We were at the claw machine at some random store, and Daddy tried to win some pac man for Gabey. He had it, and then the claw just let go. Cheat! I consoled the boys by offering them to make some pac man softies myself. I have so many Tshirts to work with. It was pretty painless to make the pac man shapes. They loved them.

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