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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Win a Set of My Rope Crayons! February Giveaway

I sell my famous rope crayons on Etsy (wellll, they're not famous, but someday, I hope they will be. haha.)
Today, I woke up thinking... Hey,  I should do a giveaway! 

I will give a set of Rainbow Heart Rope Crayons to one lucky person who "follows" my blog, and leaves a comment. Join on my side bar to the right ----->

I will use high tech means to determine the random winner... (I'll have my son pick a number out of a bowl.) This Giveaway will run until the end of the February.. so comment!! 

Get one additional comment for "liking" my facebook page, 

and another additional comment for "favoriting" my shop on Etsy. :) 
Simply, put a comment for each task you complete, and get another chance at winning. Of course, if you have already done these tasks, add your comment that you already did it. <3

You know you want one!

Attached to a colorful rope, so you don't lose hearts
Just as pretty upside down

Look how much crayon you get? aren't they huge??


Shari said...

one chance for Jen Berlyoung, via Facebook

Shari said...

and another chance for Jen Berlyoung for joining my blog. :)

Shari said...

LOL! and JEN won!