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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Little by Little

Little By Little

Little by little,
The chores are all done.
Little by little,
The mess is all gone.
My head is aching.
My body is tired.
I keep seeing progress,
So I'm satisfied.

Little by little,
The love is all spread.
Little by little,
My family is fed.
With love from my hand,
And help from the Son,
This life will press on,
And the victory won.

Little by little,
This world will be gone.
Little by little, 
Our life will be done.
Time spent on earth
is so fleet and so fast.
We need to keep focus
On each little task.

So little by little,
With each passing day,
Little by little,
I'll find a way
To make this life count
In each job that I do,
And welcome each sunrise
As blessedly new.

-Shari Dippong 2-1-12

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