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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Winter Outing and Free Visit to Science Center

It was a beautiful day. One reason was that the weather was perfect, with snow on the ground, but not the roads. It wasn't too cold either. Another reason was that Gabey had off school for MLK day. The best reason was that JEFFIE had the day off too! (oh so rare) The post office made him work non stop since last spring. I can probably count on one hand that he had a day off except Sundays. They called him in on ever off day, and made him work so much over time. This day off was fabulous. He decided to take us to the Science Center, because it was free that day. Now, I probably won't do it ever again on a free day, because it was so over crowded that my stress level went through the roof. Every time I turned around I was afraid I'd lost Gideon or Gabriel. Jeffie "adopted" Gideon, and I watched out for Gabriel. I hate crowds. Aside from that, we did have a really nice time, especially since we were together and all healthy. Thank you, Lord.

Before we left, I made some quick snow paint, so we could decorate the snow.

Jeff started a snowball fight with the boys.

Look at that form.

Yeah, hiding behind the car didn't protect them.

I love this guy!

Snow Angels

Our arrival to the Cleveland Science Center

There was a great place to take photos inside the Rapid Transit tunnel. The plexi-glass was colored. 

Rock Hall of Fame

Through the yellow glass

Mather Ship. We're going to have to tour this when it opens in the summer.

When we came in, there was a cool bubble demonstration, showing how the bubble would float in the middle, being held up by the dry ice. 

I packed the items to make our lunch, and Daddy bought fries, and drinks for himself and me.
I made sandwiches with humus and pumpernickel, my favorite right now. I was proud of being so thrifty, even though people may have looked at us funny.

Jeffie and Giddy enjoying sandwiches. 

I loved this funnel tube. It was so pretty.

This was an awesome music machine, made from PVC pipes. I seriously have wanted to make one ever since. You use the foamie paddle, and hit the round opening, and the pipes are pitched by size. it looked like a fun pipe organ.

Gabey and Gideon liked spinning these spheres. They made beautiful swirls.

Animation Cylinder called a Zeotrope. It would spin, and the tiny individual photos would show through the side windows and it would look animated. I should try making one. 

Rainbow making prisms were cool, but really hard to photograph. 

We stopped in the Bubble demonstration, which was way cool.

This was a treasured moment that I had to capture!

I love bubbles!

Thankfully, this sweet guy took it in stride when Gabey decided to lean all over him during the demonstration. HAHA, we were laughing so hard.

Bubble solution over dry ice! 

Dry Ice Mushroom

Annnd, the bubble popped.

She passed out a little bit of the dry ice bubbles for everyone to hold. Yeah, he didn't really eat it. Ha Ha.

Back to the Mather on our way to the car.

Jeffie using the dock bollard as target practice.

Key Building

Terminal Tower

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