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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Avant Garde Winter Craft Show

You missed the winter craft show with Avant- Garde?
No worries! I'm also signed up for the spring show.
Which is at Wagner Country Inn again in Westlake

At this winter show, I  had been cooped up during the winter, and think I over filled my table a tad. Ha ha.
I offered:
Hair Wraps
Hair Feathers
Feather Clips
Tshirt Bags
Sock Buns
8X10 artistic photos
Recycled Crayons
Button Magnets
Second Chance Barbies
and phew... almost done...
Knitted purses and keychain bracelets from Grandma Dot
and Finally, some Hoodie Hats.

You can see my display of Clip on Hair Wraps. Very fun.

Feather Hair Wrap Clips were so popular this year, one of my best sellers on Etsy

You can see Tshirt Bags here. I'm going to be redoing my stash, and offering a revised version for the next show.

My sock buns were my most popular item at the show this time.

My Recycled Crayons are a big hit on Etsy, and got some good attention at this show.

Second Chance Barbies are dolls that I've rescued from the thrift stores, and given a spa day. I make clothes and jewelry for them, and usually put in a hair wrap. My clothes are cute and modest, and the dolls are like new after a good cleaning, and hair treatment.

Fun Button Magnets

One of my newest endeavors... feather clips (on bobby pins) This one is my most whimsical, with a bird on it! haha! most of them just had buttons or ribbons on them.

I found some pretty pendants and just had to make necklaces.

Hoodie Hats- thrift store rescues, hoods with an all cotton scarf attached

SIDE NOTE: Most of the display items, I got supplies to make from the Dollar Store, or found at the Thrift Store. good deal!

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