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Thursday, September 29, 2005

yahooo, my little digital camera works!

These are up to the minute photos of Gabey! Just released. LOL. I took pictures of his shoes too. He's such a cool Dude.

I tried using an eraser on the battery terminals, and I'm not sure if that's what worked, but my little digital works again!! Yippeee. I'm glad I didn't throw it away! LOL. I put it in Gabey's toybox because I figured that was all it was good for. I had to dig it out!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

lunch at nela's, a walk in the park

Well, most of this day was just the coolest! LOL.
We got to meet Poppie Ike, Patty Nanna, and Auntie Chrissy at Nela's to have lunch. I had their potato pancake reuben, yummm, and Gabey had "keekah" , and "frie-fries" which in Gabeeze means chicken, and french fries. It was a very nice time. We gave Poppie a picture that Gabey had colored, and stuck stickers all over.
After that, I dropped Chrissy back at work, and Gabey and I went to the park down the street. It was such a perfect day. Sunny, and cool. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Gabey was so good, walking with me. We looked at trees, and butterflies -"fly"s in Gabeeze. He chased one around, and was laughing trying to even get close, it was flitting around so fast. He loved swing ing, and i would ask him if he wanted out, and i would stop the swing, and he would say "fwug?" so i would swing him again. He held a dandelion all the way home.
I pulled in the driveway to find that someone had stolen the bins that i was using to put my recyclables in. I was so disappointed. I guess i'll just go back to the bags again.
Gabey went down for his nap perfectly, and i need to spend some time cleaning for the Bible study tonight. I am so glad they chose to have it at our house for now. Pray for us to get a building soon. We're Northcoast Baptist, a ministry of the Cleveland Baptist Church. We are going to be celebrating out 1 year anniversary this next sunday. I can't believe the time went so fast.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

tubs and horses and shoes, oh my!

Gabey was doing the most adorable thing this evening. i was showing him my phone, and i had a little beanie baby flamingo. he had it by the neck (in a good way), and was turning it's head to look at the phone, and then at himself, and back to the phone. I love that he is picking up on all the little games we play with him.
we had a problem in the tub, he doesn't like it anymore. he won't sit down, and so it's a struggle to wash his feet. he was like "out?" and i was like, "we haven't even washed you yet". oh well, we have to bathe! LOL! so we'll keep working at it.
I visited my sister at church where she works, and in one of the bins was a little fisher price horse on wheels, you know those kinds? well, gabey wanted it, and chrissy said it would be ok, so we pulled it out, and gabey pulled it all the way to the car like a little pet. he had his hand on it the whole way home, he even fell asleep, and kept his hand there. i got a picture of it. :):)
while my sister and i were out to lunch, we went to Walmart ( i love that store) and i found wonderful tennis shoes for Gabey. they're red/black/white with velcro, made of suede material. he was running across the porch with them on when we got home, clomping away. he loved them.


so, i'm already getting silly ads in my comments section. i wish people would just find a hobby!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

oh, i hope they win the contest. i think they look a lot alike! lol. (jc penney is having a father/son lookalike contest, and we went and entered jeff and gabey.)I don't know when we'll find out, but i'm dying to know who wins.gabey and i stayed in today, it was pretty rainy and gross, so we just hung out on the porch a little bit during the day. we chalked on his little chalk board, and played with his cars. i made a little car obstacle course out of a box and duct tape. it's got a ramp on both ends, and a tunnel made out of a toilet paper roll, and an opening on each side like another tunnel. we were playing with that for a while.when jeff came home, i popped a frozen quiche in the oven, and we listened to the john lithgrowe cd a little bit, and jeff played around with the baby. he also read to us from Curious George. we watched some tv also, but nothing so amazing that i want to imortalize it in, gabey is asleep, and jeff is watching monday night football, so i'm trying to occupy the rest of my evening....snore... ends another peaceful day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holy cow! I'm just now getting pictures developed from when i first found out i was pregnant with Gabey! I have a whole bag of film that i never developed, and am now finally trying to send it to get done. crazy! my hubbie and i went to Niagara Falls right after i found out i was pregnant. it was with our honeymooners class for church. jeff gave our seat on the van to a couple that came late, and i had to ride there and back in the waaaayyy back seat! the lady was pregnant, and i kept wanting to say, well, i am too! and i'm feeling pretty sick back here. that couple ended up being a real downer on our whole trip, they came late to everything. we'd be sitting around waiting in the van for them for like hours. i was so annoyed. lol. other than the poopcouple, we had a great time, and the falls were extremely beautiful, they were mostly frozen with huge mountains of ice and snow piled at the bottom of the falls.another set was Gabey's 7th month, what a goof. and the other was of his one year birthday. i was so upset. i only had the 35mm camera, and the people that took the pictures didn't know how to set it or focus (i'm not much better at using it either, so i don't blame them at all- it's hit or miss whether the settings are right- should have taken photography, huh?) , so i have a ton of blurry goofy pictures. i think i got some video too, but i'm not sure. i feel badly that i don't really have good pictures of such a milestone.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday, 9/19/05we had a fine day on sunday. i sang one of the songs i wrote, in the morning service to go with the message. Pastor Lutz and i do nursing home on fridays and he preached the coolest message, and i gushed about it. one of the elderly ladies that sometimes comes to visit wasnt' there, and she comes to the regular church services, so he decided to do it again on sunday morning. i had a song that fit perfectly. the message was about being "at the feet of Jesus" and how we are.. *we have our priorities straight there*in our right minds there *we are broken, and jesus shares our brokenness therePastor used the story of Mary (not Jesus's mom) and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), the maniac of Gadera (i'm trying to find the right spelling, lol) how when Jesus had cast out the demon's, they found the man clothed, in his right mind, at the feet of Jesus (Luke 8:35), how Martha and Mary both reacted when Jesus came to raise their brother, Lazarus (John 11:20-35), and then later of Mary washing Jesus's feet with her hair (John 12:1-9).Well, i sang my song on Sunday morning before the preaching, and towards the end, i just started crying. i didn't mean to, but it just hits me so hard every time. i was at the part where i sang... "how i wish i could be at the feet of Jesus, just like Mary at the feet of Jesus, humbly washing with her hair, showing Christ how much she cared..." oh, i would just love that, and every time i think about it, it just gets me teary. there are so many people in the Bible that we look at and it's like, well, that's a man, or that's a preacher, i couldn't be like them; but Mary was just a normal woman, just like me, you know? she's someone i can relate to. she had long hair like me, and she just showed Jesus how much she cared in the most personal, wonderful way she knew how.

Friday, September 16, 2005

portraits of the baby

The newest thing in our week has been portraits at Sears for Gabey, and then again for Gabey and Jeff together. We went on Friday to get Gabey's pictures taken, and found out that they were taking appointments the next day for a father/son lookalike contest. We went again and we'll get a free 8X10 for that sitting also! The pictures came out sooo well. I'm so happy with them.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

our week

Jeff's hand is getting so much better, and we're down to just regular bandages around his fingers. he ended up taking the whole week off last week, because he couldnt' really use his hand, ick. but we had a nice week off together. we went to the lodi outlet mall, and to the church garage sale, and for walks during the week.gabey is great, and he's saying "please" for things now, anytime he wants something, he says "pees" it's cool, because when he wants us to play or look for something, he says it too. last night, i was holding him in one place when he got out of the bath, so jeff could get a towel, and he was saying "pees, wok" (please let me walk) it was cute. he really liked having daddy off work, he would go in the bedroom in the mornings and see daddy on the bed, and get all excited. this week, he walked into the room a few times, and was like "daddy?" The other day, we were playing with the tupperware shape ball (you know the blue and red one with yellow handles and yellow shapes- everyone had one at some point) and he held up the triangle and said "triagoh!" i was dumfounded! It was so cool. It's so funny how quickly he catches things now. I show him things in passing, and don't realize he's picked it up. I told Jeff we really need the tv guardian now, because if gabey ever came up saying a swear word, i'd never forgive myself. we were watching tv last night, just flipping channels, the "most outragious moments on television" was on, and there were parts we didn't want to see, so we'd flip channels during those parts, and i heard like 5 swear words (mostly on the "yes dear" show), on regular television! don't even get me started! my stepmommy is giving us her piano! It's old, and will need work, but it's a piano! we're really excited. jeff is planning on taking piano lessons, and we weren't sure if we were going to have to buy another synthesizer for it. (our church is borrowing ours)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

(this picture is older, but it's cute, so i used it anyway.)

9-11-05Hubbie went back to work yesterday, his fingers are all bandaged up, but he had to go. he did ok doing mail, and they even gave him extra. ick. gabey and i went to Half Price Books, and i sold some cds and videos. I told the lady, whatever she didn't want to buy, just keep anyway. while we waited, we went to the kid's section, and played with the puppets and read some board books. i was so proud of myself for not buying anything. books are one of my weaknesses, lol. after the store, i went through bk and got fries for the baby and me, and we stopped at the metroparks. i am so thankful for the metroparks, it's to beautiful. we ate the fries at a picnic table, i put them in the back of one of his plastic dump trucks as a plate. then i pushed him on the swing for a few minutes. i didn't stay long because there was another family there, and the mom wasn't being all that nice to her wild children. i cought a cold somehow, so i slept poorly. and i'm up early. i had to change the bandages for my love before he went to work.i'm not sure what we have planned for today, i know we need to go shopping, but i may wait til hubbie comes home.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

(this is my stepdaddy, Paul, holding Gabey when he was born)

9-7-05so today was a fantastic day. my hubbie is home this week because he burned his hand on the lawn mower on labor day. he's a mail carrier, and has his hand in gauze all week, so he just took sick time. well, today, we went to Lodi outlet mall, and walked around with Gabey. we had italian at the food court, and then went to some of the shops. i was so good until i go to their little Christian bookstore, and then i spent $50.00! oops. well, i got all these cool little board books for gabey, and jeff and i got t-shirts, and i got greeting cards for some of my friends. it was a great afternoon. gabey fell asleep for a 1/2 hour on the way home, and it ruined his nap for the entire day. i'm so thankful he wasn't cranky at all. he was way cool. my mom and step dad came over this evening, and we ordered pizza, and just had a great visit. gabey totally showed off for them, running around, and stuff. they just left, it's 11:20pm. paul (my stepdad) earlier, was in his car which was parked on our street, and got sideswiped by a hit and run guy. He was already in the car, and so he followed the guy. The guy pulled in 10 houses down from us!! What a nut! Paul called the police, and when they came the guy had gone. the police said they have had lots of calls for this guy, i guess he must have been drinking, or something, because he had tried to get paul not to call. well, thankfully, it turned out, that paul's car wasn't damaged at all, it just bent his mirror back. but it was so dark and rainy, that he didn't know until later. what a crazy thing to happen. other than that little drama, it was a very pleasant evening. i adore being with my mom, and paul tells the best stories.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gabey Learning Manners

Gabriel is going to be 2 in November, he's our first, and whenever God gives us the next one is fine with me. The latest thing he's doing is learning to ask for things, instead of whining. it's taken about a week of teaching, but now he says "cup", when he wants more to drink. he used to just shove it at me and do his whine. he also is starting to say "please" too, when he wants us to play with him, or wants something turned on. it's a big step. he's growing so fast, and learning so fast. i hear a new word just about every day.i am so thankful to have him.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
8:43 am... berea football game
i didn't finish the story about how busy the day was. lol. After we visited the church office, I took Gabriel home, and he took a good nap. Linda Mom came over about 6:30, and Jeff and I left for the Berea High School football game. My niece, Jessi, is in the marching band, and plays the flute. It was great. They had a special ceremony in the beginning (which i didn't see until i watched the news later that evening) for a fallen soldier in Iraq, who graduated from Berea in 97, and was on the football team. They gave his mom the boy's framed jersey, and the band played a special program with this monstrous flag. Then, the coolest thing happened, and i did get to see this... two fighter planes did a flyby over the stadium! It was the coolest thing. Jeff and I were outside the stadium still in line for tickets. I kept wondering why on earth it was so busy. I had no idea it was such a special night. I'm so proud of Jessi, being able to be a part of it. we didn't stay for the entire game, it was delayed quite a bit after half time, because a player got hurt, and had to be taken in an ambulance. how scary. i keep telling jeff, i'm ok with gabey playing most sports, but not football or hockey. they're just too dangerous. jeff wants him to play basketball, and he even knows how to dunk a basket already, i have a great picture of the first time he did it. it was so cute, he'd go to his little fisher price hoop, make a basket, and then run around laughing and clapping, with us, as we cheered.well, the evening ended, and we headed home. the baby was asleep when we got there, so i didn't get to see him.i wish i would have taped the news, i hope someone in the family did. that's a great memory.
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8:16 am.... early mornings on the computer
it's a little after 8 on saturday morning. i woke up with my husband, (he's a mail carrier, and works on saturdays too) and couldn't get back to sleep. i wake up with headaches, and sore shoulders quite a bit, so i usually just stay up, and putz on the computer. The munchkin is still asleep, we had a pretty busy day yesterday. He might sleep until after 9am. My mom in law babysat twice yesterday; in the morning, I had to help with the nursing home service. I lead the singing and do specials. I played my flute for the ladies and gentlemen yesterday. Pastor John preached a great message for them, and I got a really neat little tidbit out of it, from Psalms. When I got home, I just changed the baby quickly and was off to meet my sister, dad, and stepmommy for lunch. Gabey was entertaining as usual. He did really well, he's such a good boy. At one point I looked at him, and he was amusing himself making noises on the table with his mouth. He's going to be 2 in November, and is learning a new word almost every day. Chrissy, my sister, and I went back to her work (she is the pastor's secretary at Cleveland Baptist.) Gabey had fun visiting the guys in the office, and we joked around asking him what things say, like, "what does MR. Pete say?" A few days ago, Chrissy was asking him those, like, "what does a puppy say?" etc. Well, she asked, "What does Chrissy say?" He answered, "Tweet." We thought that was priceless! And he sticks to it, he still answers that way now, every time we ask. He is doing really well with his vocabulary, and is up to more than 40 words. He pronounces things very distinctly too, it's cute. He says "k-hatuh" pronouncing each consonant really well. He still refuses to acknowledge that cars are "cars" everything is a truck to him. He has learned "tractor" and "Hummer", but still calls cars "truck". He has his own collection of cars and trucks, and plays with them every day. He'll play with them, and I'll find them all over the house on every chair and table and window sill. He has a lovey, which is a stuffed yellow bunny. He sleeps with it, and holds it and snuggles with it. I find it all over the house. We try not to take it places, because it would be devastating if we lost it. I do let him take it along, if we're going to the doctor's or I know we'll be out really late sometimes. I noticed a very touching thing the other day. I just call it Bunny. It was mine before Gabey adopted it, and I named it Sunny Bunny. Well, the other day, I asked him "what's this?" pointing to Bunny, and he said "mommy" I'm not sure exactly why he did that, but it makes me feel so good that something he loves so much, he has named Mommy. He knows me as Mommy, so it shows that he loves me too, and knows I love him and take care of him.
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