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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

fairy ring

we had a fairy ring. i pulled it last night. but first, i let it grow, and took pictures, lol.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

baby has croup

gabey woke up at around 11 last night, crying and coughing that bark like cough. he was so upset. we took him to the pediatric ER at Fairview. i kept thinking, what if he ate something he's allergic to, or got bit by something. he wasn't acting normal, so we took him in.

i just am so thankful to have this ER so close. It's dedicated to children 18-, and has been the most helpful place for us. we got right in, and the people were so nice. Gabey is so sensitive. he was just freaked out, just being there.
they had him do a nebulizer. it was a little loud, and he was hysterical. i held it on his mouth for him. it was a little purple dinasour. he was repeating us. "it's ok" "it's almost done" i wanted to weep.

then they gave him a medicine that is like a new miracle for croup. i'm so glad. (i don't remember the name. it was just a liquid and was sweet, and he took it down well. it has a steroid that opens the airways and lasts for like 4 days (which is the average length of croup, 3-7 days.) then we had to wait for a half hour to let it take effect.

i didn't know this but croup is viral. like the cold virus. so i've been looking to see if i need to keep him home. i wouldn't want him coughing on anyone, and giving them the virus. i do have to keep him fairly quiet, so we won't be running around in the back yard too much. i'm sure this med will make it much better, i'm glad we went in right away.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'ts down

and the poor squirrels are wondering what happened. i feel badly for them...

but i would have felt worse, if it would have come down on it's own in a storm.
here are the pictures from the last day.

this was the cool log splitter they used for the bottom pieces. also, you can see the last little bit coming off. my neighbor said that was the hardest piece, that it took like a few chains to get it. i think the poor tree was trying to hold out as long as it could.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our maple tree is coming down!

our next door neighbor let us know that his cousin could take the tree down!
they came this morning, and worked all day. it was such a hard job, and the worst seems to be done now. we had 3 minor problems.... the guy helping cut himself, and had to go get stitches.... the police came and told us we couldn't park our car on the grass... and the last big branch came down, nicking the corner of the garage. but on a whole, it went very well, and quickly. they are coming tomorrow to finish the job, and haul off the wood.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Skeeter Bites

i was trying to post pictures of the farewell party for michael this afternoon, but blogger was being tempermental, so i didn't get to. i'll try to do it at another time.
my sister, nicole, said such nice things in her blog about the party and about michael, so i'm going to paste it here for you, and you also can visit her blog...
Skeeter Bites

"Last night we went to Joe's brother Michael's farewell dinner. He is leaving for his first tour of duty to Iraq next Saturday. There was a pretty big turnout of friends and family to support him.Michael fixes medical equipment so he will be working in 1 of the 2 hospitals over in Iraq.We will all miss him and will be praying for his safe and healthy return. Also, if you happen to think of her, please pray also for Melissa. She is Michael's girlfriend of 5 years and is having an (understandably) difficult time with his leaving. Michael has been told he will be gone for at least 1 1/2 years. They could extend his time there. :("

I'm not a PLANT!

I just blew in gabey's hair, as a joke.
He looked at me and grinned,
and said..."I'm not a PLANT!"

the danger of the di vinci code

I have been hearing a lot about this book, and everything I have learned about it, shows me that it is a dangerous work of Satan to lead people from Christ.

i believe it's going to lead a lot of people astray because it's such an engaging book, and weaves just enough questionable truths, and vaguely familliar historical events into it to make people question whether the other speculations he puts in are true also.

The book brings forth ideas about Christ that are unbiblical, and blasphemous.(though the author says the book is fictional, even putting the idea out there, I believe is sinfully wrong)

Dan Brown, in his book, writes that Jesus WASN'T diety at all, but was a normal guy, who was married to Mary Magdelene (sp) and that he planned on having her take over the church, along with her child that she had by Him.

None of these ideas have any Biblical OR historical base, and people reading who aren't very familliar with scripture or history may be led to doubt Christ as He truly is. Satan is working here, I truely believe this. Anything that causes people to question Christ is of Satan.

I firmly plan on staying far away from this book and movie, and will continue my stance without being shy or worrying about offence. People need to know the TRUE CHRIST OF THE HOLY BIBLE, not the false christ of the Di Vinci Code.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

we're having an ant problem, lol. i bought some spray, and i think it's helping a bit. it started with these regular little ones, and then just recently we started seeing the huge black fast ones.

yesterday, gabey came into my bedroom, and said... "i catched a ANT!" and he came up to my bed, and put the ant on my bed!" i went wacko, and flicked it off!"

just now, gabey came in and said...." the ant is not under the train"so i followed him to his toy train in the kitchen...
i didn't see the ant, and i said "where did it go?"
and he said, "on my mouth"
and i asked..."did you EAT IT?!"
and he said, "YEAH!"
i held out my hand in case he still had it, and he pretended to cough on my i said "is it in your belly?" and he said "yeah!"

but i love him like crazy, my little gross anteater!