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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

bunny, where are you?

i have to tell you what happened yesterday. Gabey and i looked around the house for 1/2 and hour for his bunny. he followed me around calling "munnie, ahyoo?" i could not find him anywhere! i scoured the whole house and basement! i finally laid him down and told him i'd bring bunny in when i found him. i took a break (as i was pretty frustrated) and then started again. i crawled around our bedroom and looked under the bed and dressers. i remembered that he had been playing by my night stand. well, there is a little cabinet in my nightstand, and gabey had taken out the bag of film i had in there, and PUT BUNNY INSIDE! he had actually closed the door too! i was so surprised. i brought it in to him, and he was able to finally settle down for his nap. i told him i'm going to strap the bunny to him like we do the binkie. lol.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

birthday pictures

birthday crown at toys r us

slide at Chuck E. Cheese

gabey's favorite gift, trucks of course

gabey's snack of ice cubes

Simon Says Sit-N-Spin

cake with cars on it. he took one off right away

Friday, November 18, 2005

happy birthday to gabriel

It's my baby's birthday today! I went into his room with the video camera and sung happy birthday... and in response, he said "out?"
we went shopping today and he got to see two of his favorite aunties, Auntie Chrissy and Auntie Shelly. they had fun with him.
right now, he's just napping, but tonight, i think we're going to go out and celebrate his bday, and tomorrow jeff's family and my family are all coming over for a birthday party.
he's cute, he can say "birthday", and when we ask how old he is, he can say "two!" (sounds more like "teeyoo")
he's our little parrot now, he repeats things over and over like a little broken record player. and he mimics us really well too now. it's funny, jeff and i will be talking in the car, and we'll hear little echoes of the words we're saying from the back seat. lol.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

cute animated doll

Friday, November 11, 2005

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the price for coffee these days!! sheesh!!

2 days after his birthday!

i can't believe it. we had such a great weekend, it was jeff's birthday. friday, we went on a date to the movies and saw chicken little, and went to hoggies. then saturday, my sister, mom, and i made stuffed cabbage, and then in the evening was his party at his mom's house. sunday, we had my family over, and ate the stuffed cabbage. such a nice weekend.
yesterday, was ok, just a normal monday, and then today...

He got BIT BY A DOG on his route! This crazy dog jumped the fence, and chased him across the street and bit him on the LEG! i am so upset. i hate the fact that he has to carry in that neighborhood anyway. he has to witness drug deals and avoid stray dogs almost every day. i hate it. this dog that bit him, just bit another mail carrier earlier this week!! MAN, is the owner in some DEEEEEEP doo doo from the post office. The bite went through his pants and put some punctures in his skin. I haven't heard back on how he is now, but i'm just upset by the whole thing. i hope this helps him be able to transfer. they've moved people from HIS station over to the west side and kept him. HE LIVES on the west side. just let him go!

well, just pray that the stupid dog was up on his shots at least! the freak.