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Thursday, August 31, 2006

at the football game

Friday was my nephew's first football game. He's in the marching band. We had a great time. Here is my nephew, and his marching band. They did very well. I was really glad to visit with him and his mom at the game. I think we're going again this friday too. I wanted to be on the other side, lol. i'm a graduate of the rival team, and played on their marching band. HAHAHA. Gabey was so good, and had a great time. The video is hillarious. Gabey was wacko.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

hated the cloth training pants...

just a note, i hated the cloth training pants, lol. they leaked like crazy.

gabey's not responding, so i'm backing off, and showing him videos, and just offering the potty to him. i was getting us both frustrated trying to force it.

it's been a great weekend. friday was a wonderful picnic with the family, and friday night was a football game. my nephew is playing in the marching band. i'm glad we got to go.

we were on our way to church tonight, and we totally ran out of gas. we coasted to a stop halfway up the off ramp. wah. so we called my sister, jeff started walking to the gas station. chrissy got to pick him up and bring him back, but she dropped him off at the corner so he could come down the ramp with the gas. she left, and....when we tried to start the car, the battery was dead! i had turned the car off thinking that exact thing. oooh, i don't want to run the battery down, and it turns out i did, having the radio on and vent. waaaahhhh. and chrissy already was at church, and didn't get any messages til afterwards. while jeff tried getting in touch with the roadside assistance, i decided to walk with gabey to the cracker barrel, so he wouldn't be so bored. he was so good the whole evening. we spent 1 1/2 hours at the cracker barrel! (after being in the van for about 1/2 hour too) jeff waited on hold for the longest time to get the right number to the roadside assistance, and the lady told him the wrong thing, after being on hold forrrrever. he decided to walk up and hang out at CB while he waited too, so he had to call back... just to get the right number! when he finally got through, they said 45 minutes. yikes, we've already been here for so long. so i told him to call my dad, i was sure he'd be out of church by now too. my dad came, and charged the batteries. we took him and patty to dinner at, you guessed it, Cracker Barrel. lol. gabey was so good the whole time. it's time like these, i'm glad not to have a hellion, lol.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

potty experiment #2

i went out and bought cloth training pants and covers today for gabey. i think he's holding out so he can pee in the pullup. so i wanted to make it less comfortable for him, lol, so he would want to pee on the potty.
he looks adorable!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

goofy gabbing gabey

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this morning gabey was calling french toast sticks "french tights" and tater tots "hunch puppies"

just now, i was changing his diadee, and i think he meant to ask "do i feel better?" but he said "do i taste better?" !!! lol.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

some photos from our walk around lake isaac

what a nice walk we had. it was too nice of a day to not do something memorable. it was a very loooong walk, but gabey was great the whole time, and we really enjoyed it. i got some neat pictures... about 90 of them, lol. I LOVE MY DIGITAL CAMERA!! have i said that before? probably. lol. it was a christmas gift from my sweetie. and i think it's the best gift ever. well, enough of that. lol. here are some photos.
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the potty train

gabey cracked me up this afternoon. he must be hearing me talk about potty training him. well he had one of his trains with him, and i just realized today, that he's thinking potty "train", as in the locomotive kind. lol. he asked if he could bring his train to the potty. it was his potty train!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I always see dragonflies flitting past, whizzing by like mini helicopters. I've never seen one stop for long, and I've never gotten a good closeup before. Yesterday, I got to actually get some pictures of one. She was hanging on my plant basket, and she just stayed there. We had a few theories of why she didn't fly away. I'm going to check today to see if she's still there.

now, the shed comes down.

the shed was the second thing i wanted down, after the tree. so this weekend, jeff and i just tackled it. it wasn't too hard, the wood kind of just crumbled. we just had to push it over after taking off the side panels. lol. now, we just have to take up the floor. it's so nice to look out the window and NOT see the shed. lol.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

tonight's sermon

for a few years now, we've been having thursday night revivals in august.

tonight, we heard from a pastor at Mansfield Baptist, and his sermon was so wonderful....

it was based on the verse talking about -be sober, be vigillant, for your adversary the devil walketh about seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter.

he gave some interesting info about the actual lion and how he hunts, and it's a lot like how the devil works.

the lion doesn't chase after the fastest, the ones in best health... he looks for the young, the weak, the sickly, he attacks and shows no mercy...

Satan is walking around looking at us and working to find our weaknesses.
... when we're prideful (from an earlier verse about being humble), when we let our guard down (arent' vigilant) or don't take the things of God seriously (aren't sober) Satan is waiting to attack us.

he used cool opposing illustrations...
-saul and his pride vs. Paul and his humility
-samson and his not taking seriously the serious things of God, vs. Joseph in potifer's house (taking it very seriously and fleeing temptation)
-david and his fall with Bathsheeba vs. daniel not letting his guard down at all (still praying to the true God), and getting thrown into the lion's den because of it.

the first people in the illustrations were destroyed by satan. he attacked and showed no mercy. (david didn't die, but sometimes wished he had with all the trouble afterward)

we need to be on guard, humble, and take the things of God seriously... and the Lord will stop Satan's mouth, like he did the lions' mouths in Daniel's den.

i know i needed this message. my besetting sin, is that i'm too prideful, and constantly have to repent of it. i'm going to order this sermon so i can listen to it again.

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My big boy!

here is my little man in his new pullups!
we've started!
the big day has arrived... the jump from baby to boy.
We just got the pullups and potty seat today.
I had gotten a toddler potty chair a while ago, and he's just too big for it, so i got the seat that fits on the regular toilet.
so far, it's been a wash, lol. i put him on the potty, and he waits til he's off, and then goes in his pullup. He got an M&M, when he first sat on the potty, and hasn't gotten one since. He knows he has to pee on the potty before he gets another one.
I'm thankful he does sit. We bring a book and i read it to him, and then he tells it back to me. I'm not sure how long i should make him sit. It's so exciting. This is the biggest thing we've had to do. He moved to a sippy cup so easily. He still refuses to do anything but play with his spoon, but we're working on it. He gave his binky to a baby at the mall when he was 1 1/2. So, this is it. The last right of passage to being a big boy. I'm going to miss his diapers. my little diadee boy was so cute. I didn't really mind changing him. He also was never too picky, like some babies on when he got changed.
The mom inside me sighs.

Friday, August 04, 2006

camping at my sister's apartment.

here is a picture of gabey napping at auntie chrissy's house. she's been letting us camp out at her apartment almost the whole summer. she has air conditioning, and we don't. lol. it's been so hot and humid out (almost all of july was at a heat advisory warning), we'd be miserable if we couldn't have stayed there. we're hoping to get some window air conditioning units this weekend. then at least august and september will be comfortable at home.

side note- gabey said something funny this morning.... we were watching Baby Einstein, and I said " the monkey is playing cymbols" and he said "the monkey is playing some bowls."