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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keep it up Kirk

So, why is it that everyone has a right and privileged to speak out except those who hold Christian views, and old fashioned moral standards? The country is rushing to show that they're tolerant... but really they're showing extreme Intolerance. A fine man with a great testimony has shared his honest opinion, personal opinion, on his views of gay marriage. Kirk Cameron got blasted. Why? Why is it soooo wrong for someone like Kirk to share his opinion like that? He never spoke meanly about any person, he spoke about an act. He does not support gay marriage... and why should he be forced to? Where is REAL free speech? It's in the hands of the liberals who have been pushing the demise of morals for decades.

Kirk Defends Views on Gay Marriage

This week, my boy came home from the Eagle's Nest at the grocery store, a little place where they care for the kids while moms shop, with some fake toy food that he had stuffed in his pockets. Now.... Do I hate my son, now that I know he's stolen? (he is only 4, this is an exaggerated example to show a point) He is a thief! He steals.
No, of course not! I love my son. I know that what he does will never define Who he IS. He is a boy who stole. So, what should I do? If i were to say... "oh honey, that's just how you were born, the store will never miss those few little things, don't worry about it." Be honest with yourself... isn't the urge to steal a totally naturally inborn trait? So, if I were to let it go, and not teach that it is a sin, and it is wrong, he would grow up feeling justified in his action, would he not? I can not do that. I must teach him that stealing is wrong, and is a sin. (and i must point out that sin is sin, whether it hurts or even involves other people or not)

Transfer those ideas to the gay lifestyle, and you notice that for decades now, people in the media, teachers, and parents have been teaching their children that having relations with people of the same sex is totally normal, and acceptable. These children are growing up, not seeing it as a sin, and feeling justified in making that choice. I will stand on this thought... people will be attracted to WHOMEVER or WHATEVER they ALLOW themselves to be attracted to. It is in our human nature to be sexual creatures, and if we allow ourselves, we can dream up all kinds of actions that are outside the moral law of one man one woman, sex AFTER marriage. Sexual desires are base instincts. A man who will open himself up to the possibility is capable of choosing anything. It is in truth inborn, BECAUSE it is a sin, and we are born to sin. We are born choosing against God. It is in our nature.

So, would I say.. if my son chose to be gay when he grows up... he's just gay... that's him, and I will accept and support his lifestyle? Um... no. Sorry, to all the liberals who just had a heart attack. I would not. His ACTION is not who HE is. He is a human, and my son. His choice to be gay would be the sin that he's chosen, and I would not support that. Would I stop loving him? Of course not. Would I kick him to the curb? no. Would I try to help him see that the action he's choosing is wrong, and sinful? absolutely. Would I urge him to turn from it, and ask to be forgiven? YES.

I deal with a besetting sin called PRIDE. It is a sin that for the most part won't affect other people unless I actually do something to them. I still know that my pride is a sin. (not self worth, or self confidence in the gifts God has given, that's different) Pride doesn't define me. I am not PRIDE. I choose to feel pride.

I also can be selfish. That is a sin... but that is not who I am. It is a sin that comes very naturally, and is inborn. I simply need work to keep pride and selfishness out of my life. (I fail miserably) Should I choose to just start teaching that those things are just fine, and natural, so that I can keep acting on them? No. I need to work on myself. Will i spend my days resenting everyone else who think it's a sin, and tell them not to judge me? No. I judge myself every day.

We are confusing the sin with the sinner. The act with the person who is doing the action. We are trying to make them inseparable in this society, and ultimately condemning the person wholly. The liberal groups are guilty of this, but also the conservative groups. If you make the sin and the sinner inseparable, then there is no room to hate the sin, but love the person who acts in that sin.

I haven't really brought Christ into this yet, but anyone who reads my blog, knows that I believe that Christ  CARES a great deal about us. He absolutely never told the woman at the well that her sexual sins were ok... he simply said.. I won't condemn you either "Go and SIN NO MORE."

It's getting late, and I need to wind down now. I hope that we can all work on ourselves. We each have so much to work on. We shouldn't be afraid to strive for the right, to live right.


Lori said...

Amen and well said! Lori

Shari said...

oh thank you. <3 it's good to hear from you. <3