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Friday, February 08, 2008

Update on my Dr. appt.

i am just so thankful to have the drs that i have! i love my OB, and I truely ADORE my family dr.
i went in today to try to figure out this pain.
she went over in DETAIL the results from my catscan, and tests that were done at the ER on the 26th. it was SUCH a relief hearing it. they actually did do an indepth testing. they just didn't show the results.
and there really isn't anything wrong... my organs are all functioning fine, there are no masses, or blockages. i'm soooo relieved to hear that. my appendix looks good too.

so, she gave me medicine for Irratable bowel syndrome, and we're going to work on that for a few months. she was so cool.
the fiber
the water
the treadmill
and some meds that she prescribed
those are all, prayerfully, going to help me feel better.:):):)

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Dorothy said...

It sounds like a good plan to me. Just knowing it isn't something serious can help relieve the stress. Take care of yourself, I love you.