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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Car Show 2008 part one HERBIE

This was such a great car show!! Gabey had so much fun!
Here are some pics from the car show....

This was the biggest thing for Gabey. There was a Herbie at the show, and he just hung around there for so long. He didn't want to leave. I was talking to the owner, and he let Gabey come in the tape, and visit with Herbie up close, and even get inside! It's a very rare, special thing that he did that for Gabey, and I'm sure Gabey will remember it for years.


I can't believe I'm next to Herbie!
Gabey loves Herbie

Back of Herbie with mini remote control herbie in back
Back of Herbie

Gabey didn't want to leave. He just sat down right in the aisleway!
Sitting with Herbie

The owner was so awesome! He let Gabey get inside, and touch Herbie!
The owner let Gabey see Herbie!!

I'm INSIDE Herbie!!
I'm inside Herbie!

He looked so sweet just touching Herbie with so much love.
Oh Herbie, I love you!

On Herbie's Bumper
on Herbie's bumper

He was so disappointed when we said we had to leave, and go to the rest of the show. He cried!
No, i don't want to leave Herbie!!

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