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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beachwood Place

Some awesome person on Jeffie's route gave him a gift card to Beachwood Place. It's a really ritzy mall. We had a really nice outing.

This is a racing car store! I wish the pic had turned out better. You can do parties here, and build your own race car, and then RACE with it!
racing car store at Beachwood

Mommy, there's a TREE down there!
there's a tree down there!

Look at the size of this pizza!
this pizza is HUGE

me and giddy
me and giddy at beachwood mall

orchids in the food court

giddy with a bunny from the Papyrus store
cute bunny from papyrus store

cool skylight at beachwood place

gabey's taxi from the racing store
see my new car?

clock from the mall
Clock at Beachwood Place

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