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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Car Show 2008 part 2 (rest of the show)

Gabey inside a HUMMER!!
in a hummer

I LOVE Hummers!!
inside a red hummer

Such a Cheese!
oh i love this hummer

See a VW trend? ROTFL!
That's ok, these are my favorite cars too. Gabey has GREAT taste!
and a red bug

and a white bug

Back to the Future!!
Car Show 2008

UMMM, yet another VW Bug. woohooo!
Gabey and a Bug

Old Timey Car
I thought this was awesome! The little plaque on the right is a Bible verse!
Cool old timey car

1 comment:

Happymama said...

Gabbey is really losing that baby face. :( In that third picture he looks JUST like his daddy. LOL Looks like he was having a ball behind all those hot wheels!