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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Home and Garden Show 08

I got to go to the Home and Garden show twice this year! I'm a lucky girl, lol. We went to my mom, sister, and Shelly, on Thursday for Shelley's birthday. I saw so many things I liked. I didn't bring my camera though. But, on Saturday evening, Jeffie took me again, and we walked around, and had a great time. I only took a few pics, I wish my memory card worked. I'm going to have to get another one, this only taking 20 pics at a time is for the birds, LOL.

I got another flexi8 hairclip, and some dip spices and a dip cooler dish, and salsa. We also got some spaghettie sauce from Stancattos.

We also talked to a guy who does interlocking log houses!! It's absolutely our dream to live farther out in the country, and have a cabin style house.


It was an Italian theme with villas, and everything. I wish I had my manual camera with me, I'll have to remember that for next time. But the lighting is so weird, all the pictures turn out yellowy, and dark. It's so gorgeous to look around there, and to smell all the hyacinths!!

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