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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gevalia Coffee YUMMMM

this is so funny! I got a package in the mail, and got all excited thinking that Jeffie had ordered Gevalia again for me.....

but it was for Bobby! ROTFL. It made me start thinking about Gevalia again, and I decided to check it out again. I figured it was still just suspended (we asked to cancel a while ago, and she just put it on hold for a while.) but it had stopped, and I got to sign up AGAIN!! Which means I got all their free stuff. WOHOOO!!

It's just the best coffee around, and they have the BEST deal for trying their coffee! You get a free coffeemaker! and you can keep it, and cancel whenever you want. It's just about 22.00 to start, and you get sooo much stuff!
I got a coffeemaker, a caraffe, and a travel mug, for the regular membership. I could cancel next month, and keep all that, but their coffee is the best i've ever had, I really missed it, when we stopped.
Plus, I signed up for an additional "signature blend" membership, and got a 2 person coffee maker!! It was like CHRISTMAS when they all came in the mail. lol!

Let me know if you'd like to try it too! I think I get something for referring people. WOOHOOO!

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