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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Great Escape

Pretty Orange Lionhead Rabbit
So, yesterday, my son went downstairs and decided to help with the bunny. (I had been in the cage earlier, cleaning and sweeping, and giving her food.)

I came down later, and the cage door was open, and.... there was NO bunny! LOL. There was a pair of scissors, a few foamie cars, some playdoh, and the dustpan.

Frappie had a fun vacation in the basement all the way until this morning. I couldn't get her, she kept hiding in the gap in the heater and water heater. Yikes.

Well, today I got drastic, and brought down Vanilla Wafers, put them in her cage, and rattled around until I knew she heard me. She didn't budge, so I rooted her out with a long wrapping paper tube. She ran to the other side of the cage, and I shooed her in the right direction. Finally, she hopped right back into her cage, and I was able to close the door. Frappie enjoyed her Nilla Wafers, and I got the zip ties, and closed the door permanently. I can step over the side, but I had the door, so it would be easier for me if I didn't feel like stepping over. Now, at least I know a little boy can't sneak down, and open it.

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