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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If You're Wondering

If you come over my house, and you wonder why the dishes aren't done, or the garbage isn't taken out, or the house isn't dusted, here are are few reasons why I might have been otherwise busy. EEP.

Cleaning up cookie sprinkles from the couch because my son emptied the jar
Cleaning up formula powder because he decided to make a car track
Cleaning up pee soaked sheets, bouncer fabric, pillows etc.
Cleaning up poopy diapers and pullups
Cleaning the rabbit's cage
Cleaning baby clothes, boy clothes, husband clothes, wife clothes
Cleaning bottles
Cleaning a baby's room
Cleaning a 4 year old's room (a monumental task, with toys usually taking over the whole house)
Cleaning a husband/wife's room
Feeding a baby, burping a baby, holding a baby
Feeding a 4 year old,
Feeding myself (usually still while holding the baby
Feeding my poor husband who usually has to fend for himself
Giving a baby a bath, a 4 year old a bath, myself a bath (usually these are bottom rung on the to do list.)
Trying to figure out the bills that are ALL overdue.
Trying to sell things on eBay to make a little more money to pay for these overdue bills.
Trying to declutter the house, because it collects more JUNK than a landfill.
Putting in another video, or DVD, or another DVR event
Making a playdoh car for the 50th time
Drawing a car, train, truck, Herbie for the oh don't make me count-th time
Pouring milk for the millionth
Giving medicine
Giving spankings
Giving much needed snuggles to a baby and a 4 year old who too rarely gives them
Sweeping up the food, toys, tape, paper, and everything imaginable off the floor
Going to the store
Going to church
Going Bonkers because every time I try to actually get a project done, it gets interrupted by one child or another, or some accident, or new mess
Escaping to the internet to vent
Escaping to my room to lie down
Escaping to the bunny's cage to calm down
Taking pain killer so I can keep doing all the above with a constant sore back, sore shoulders, headache, and neckache.


Happymama said...

I'm sorry, Shari, but I had to giggle at this post. Mind you, I'm not giggling AT you...I'm giggling WITH you. Ok, well, I AM giggling at you, but only because I love you. lol Isn't motherhood fantastic?


Shari said...

i know i'll laugh at this post someday too.!! HAHAH.
i did post it in frustration, but we all know the rest of the story, the fact that kids and babies are really adorable a lot of the time, and motherhood is fun, even if it's messy. LOL.

Dorothy said...

Oh Sweety, we mothers know what it's like. Only someone without children wouldn't understand. Your love is multiplied with the second one, but so is the work. Just keep saying to yourself that this too will pass. I love you,

Anonymous said...

so what do you do in your spare time ????(lol) love dad