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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Twist on Candyland

I pulled out the Candyland for Gabey, and noticed that all of the little game pieces were gone.... so we used Little People. That was a fun game, but what happened after the game was even more fun.
We had little people represent each character on the board, and had a little girl go though and meet all the characters. Then the king announced that he was having a party, and then had everyone take a ride in a truck.

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(I don't know if I'll ever get a picture of him without some type of messiness. LOL. I forgot to wipe his face after spaghetti.)


Happymama said...

LOL...first of all, he's a boy and no, you'll never get a non-messy picture. LOL

Secondly, love the little people story. :)


Shari said...

i took a picture today of him with my tulips, and realized, yes that one was messy too! i don't know what from.. oh yeah, i let him have some chocolate after lunch. ROTFL.