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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Giddy my Love


i feel so badly, but i guess most moms skip out on chronicling their second baby's milestones, and stuff.i've taken tons of pics, but i didn't get to update my calendar with the cool things he's done.

he turned 1 on the 15th (oct)he's 20 lbs. and so solid. i don't know how tall he is.
he's got 3 bottom teeth, his fangs and one front tooth, with the other on it's way.

he's been walking since 10 months.... now, he climbs, and does a goofy trot.
he is really good with his hands, and can color a little, he holds his bottle, and helps change his shirt, and knows how to play with gabey's toys.
he's so smart, i'm so amazed at him. he'll show me what he wants, and guide my hands. he'll go pound on his door if he's poopy, or wants a nap. he just started doing that. i love it.

he isn't extremely verbal (except for screaming, lol), but he says mama dada baba and uses w y and others in his babble. he grunts for things.he's really good at catching on to games, and loves being thrown around, he's my little toughie. loves being upside down, and only cries for a minute when he gets hurt.

he's got a great sense of humor, and loves goofing off, and gets a kick out of our laughing at stuff he does.

he's so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes when i look at him sometimes. i can't get over how perfect he looks.

he eats everything in sight! he loves putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. and he's always begging for my food too.

ahhh. my little bitty giddy. my love, i just wanted to write down some cool stuff about him to remember.

my beautiful boy


this was giddy's one year birthday outing to the mall... here he is enjoying mc'D's fryfries

one year old birthday outing to the mall

daddy warming up his hands at Boo at the Zoo




in the dog's bed, with M&Ms all over his face!
giddy with m&ms all over his face in the dog bed

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