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Monday, November 24, 2008

You can see the toll sin has taken... in their eyes.

I just browsed this article about 10 stars who've "lost their dreamboat status".

The main ones were Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson .... and even before I read the articles, I could see it in their eyes that they were GONE.
Tom's eyes are crazy now, I was shocked when I saw the picture... and wasn't surprised that his eyes were the exact topic of his article.

But it's not just his... you can see a lot of the eyes have changed... you can see the toll sin has taken on them. alchoholism... tax evasion... pride on a patheticly elevated level etc.

We make these actors our gods, and worship them, and throw offerings at them... and they're just human, and THEY FAIL. No one can have that much freedom and stay on course for long. I read Michael J Fox's book a few years ago, and I've never forgotten how he talked about actors being sooo spoiled... no traffic tickets, any kind of products they'd like for free, being able to "use", and being protected and coddled through all of their bad behavior. He was confessing it as his own struggle, but it applies to most of the actors in hollywood. And we allow it, and praise them, because they're good at pretending in front of a camera. We need to get actors off the pedestals they're on, and give them the same rules we have to live by, the same consequences for all the little things... not just wait til they're insane to say.."hey, you're not living right".

It's just sad. Our kids look up to these people. The most obnoxious actors are now doing voices for our kid's movie cartoons! Why?? Why on earth do SNL comedians have to become children's movie stars? Oh, that's a whole 'nother vent. I won't go into it all now. Our poor kids.

We all have problems, I'm not just pinpointing actors or picking on them. We all need to examine our own lives, and make our peace with Jesus our Savior. Only He can truly straighten us out, and help us through every struggle we have in this sin-sick world.

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