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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

filling in the good parts of yesterday

i wanted to focus on the good parts of yesterday, so i wouldn't just remember the crap (and such a lot of crap there was, literally, lol.)so here it is....
-giddy is beautiful! i love looking at him, yesterday he had browns pj bottoms on and brown socks, and he looked so cute stomping around. yesterday, as always, giddy was a clown and fun to watch.
-charlie was so soft and cuddly after his bath, and his bangs are starting to grow out, so i tried putting a clippie in it, and he looked so cute.
-i got out the thomas train yesterday after straightening the living room, and watched giddy and gabey play in it. they were having so much fun, and at one point we tipped it over, so it was like a little cave. i got some good pictures.
-at one point, when giddy spilled crayons all over the floor, i started to get upset, but instead, got out a coloring book, and colored with them for a little while. giddy eats the crayons which is gross, but he also can color already.
- we had a nice drive to pick up jeffie from work (and it's always good to have him with me)
- chrissy came over and watched the kids for a few hours, and jeffie and i went to CiCi's for dinner, and wandered around Petco for a little while. that was a big boost. (i'm sure chrissy knew how much i needed time to breath)
- when i got home, gabey was playing with jeffie, so i had about 10 minutes to just play with giddy! he is such a joy to play with. we got a new game where we put a tissue on his head like a hat, and he tries to do it to me too.
-jeffie ran out after the kids went to bed, and got me a starbucks frappie from the grocery store. :)

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Kristi said...

It is always good to reflect on the good things and good times God has blessed us with.

As I read your post I found myself singing, "Count your them one by one."