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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chilly Morning Dog Treat

We've really been enjoying having Charlie as part of our family. He's a very good dog, and is amazingly tolerant of the kids.

This morning, we followed our routine... baby wakes up, feed the baby, THEN let the dog out. He was a good boy, and is understanding the routine. He gets a treat when he comes back inside, so when we got back in, I gave him a treat. He ran with it. Then came back, and I actually gave him something else. I was surprised to see it dropped in the hallway. Then I found out why!!

In the living room, Gabey had dumped the snausages on the floor, and Charlie AND Giddy were both snacking away! That kid'll eat anything!



Dorothy said...

He's quite different from Gabey.

Kristi said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! That's funny.