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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my day so far (venting) Times are approximate

7:30 gabey comes into bed, and i let him, because i've already sent him back to his own bed once, and had to sit with him. head still hurts, shoulders still sore.

7:40 gabey wants to go in the living room, and i decide to try to let the dog out and get a bottle ready before giddy wakes up. walk in the kitchen, and find dog poop on the kitchen floor again. have to clean that up.
gabey is making too much noise, and i hear the baby starting to fuss.

7:45 clean up the poop, take the dog out, and stand outside in the cold so he doesn't get under the fence somewhere and wander off.

7:50 get bottle ready, gabey's asking for junk, dog is under foot.
give giddy his bottle, and repeatedly chase gabey from coming in, and distracting giddy... it's one of the few times, i have some quiet giddy time.

8:00 change giddy's diaper, and put clothes on him... change gabey's pullup, and put clothes on him. put some baby einstein on.

8:30 change poop from giddy's diaper, have to change his shirt because he got poop on it. changed gabey's pullup because he pooped.

9:00 change poops from gabey again, and hope he's done, so i put underwear on him.

11:00 get another bottle, and put giddy to bed for nap
put coat and shoes on gabey and shove him outside for some quiet.

11:05 gabey comes back screaming, because he fell and scraped his hands a little bit. won't stop, wakes the baby up, i put him in his room so he'll calm down.
try to keep giddy in his room for a little longer, binkie him, and lay him back down. doesn't really work.
11:10 smell poop again, and have to change gabey back into a pullup because he pooped his underwear.

12: give the dog a bath, because he stinks to high heaven, have to keep chasing gabey out of the bathroom while i clean the dog.
12:15 try to finish drying charlie off, put the wet baby in the high chair so i can clean up the dr. pepper he spilled all over the living room floor and sat in.

12:45 a little lull.... gabey is in a shirt and pullup, and is quietly playing with a toy.. giddy is in just a diaper, and is trying to sabotage the computer, i keep having to move his hand away from the mouse.

today is much better than yesterday. by afternoon yesterday, i was crying.

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Kristi said...

LOL....I promise it gets better.