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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Little Information about Lionhead Rabbits 12/24/06

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The Lionhead Rabbit is a fairly new breed for the US. It was first imported in 1999! They're gorgeous, with a little mane that looks like a fuzzy lion. She's a dwarf, which means she'll stay small, and light.
Here's a little site that has some information on Lionheads. They don't authorize any reproduction of their information, but from what I read on their site. The lionheads make great pets! Their mane is like the real African lion's mane, like extremely soft wool. They're very friendly, and easy to train too! I can tell already that she's a fantastic pick for our house. She's friendly and curious, and not too shy.
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Their history started in Belgium where a litter was crossbred of Belgian Dwarf, and Swiss Fox. They continued to make crossbreeds in England, and it seems this new breed the EUROPEAN LIONHEAD RABBIT developed from there. If I'm reading the information correctly, this is the first major mutation in rabbits since the early 1900's! Isn't that so awesome?

another site said this...
"The Lionhead makes a lovely pet as well as a show rabbit , and is very well tempered & friendly, enjoying plenty of attention and fuss, but not requiring a massive amount of grooming, as the mane does not tend to matt up nearly as much as normal long hair in a rabbit."

This is a photo I found of what looks like an adult lionhead with similar coloring to "Frappie". I hope they don't mind me putting the picture up here. :)
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Here is my Lionhead, she's 6 weeks old. I named her Frappie, because she's my little Mocha Frappucino!
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They say, because it's such a new breed that there's always a chance that the mane may molt and not come back, or it may molt and come back thicker than ever. With or without the mane, she's perfect!

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