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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good Friends

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It's so nice to have good friends to hang out with as a family. Almost 2 years ago, I met a great girl named Angi, and we've become really close. The most amazing thing. We were both giving stuff away on freecycle and cheapcycle, and actually switched items like two times in person, not knowing eachother at all. Then, one day she instant messaged me, thinking I was someone else entirely. That's how we became friends. She owns a cool message board, called Super-babies. ( ) I started visiting there, loved it, and have become a regular visitor.
I really believe God led us to eachother. She and her husband are born again, and we just get along so well. The really wild thing is, it turns out that Jeff knows her husband! They actually shared a gym class in grade school, and Jeff remembers him.

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Well, last night, we went over their house, and all made tacos for dinner, and hung around talking, and then we played a board game together. Gabey played with their girls and dog, and it was a wonderful evening. Thank you Lord, for bringing us together, and letting us have such a great friendship.


Angi said...

You are just the sweetest friend ever!!! So many times you make friends, but do they really value you? Does that make sense? I read your blog and saw that you appreciate me like I appreciate you. Its not that we are just bodies to be around each other. We actually love each other!! :) I wish all my friends were as wonderful as you!!!

Shari said...

oh my word, i'm going to bawl!! lol. thank you, my sweet buddy.